• Orbx - openLC Africa Pre-Beta Previews

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa

    Yes - I know this long-announced, previewed and roadmapped product is very, very late and many of you are wondering if it will ever see the light of day. We do apologise for this and whilst I was hoping for a beta last month unfortunately it has still not been delivered to us.

    In the meantime Eugene has shared these screen shots with us and we hope to get a beta build from him very soon so our testing team can scour the entire continent to ensure it is as good as it can be.

    Thanks again for your patience with this project and we hope to be able to announce it in official beta very soon!

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - Malawi

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - Mozambique

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - Nigeria

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - Saudi Arabia

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - South Africa

    Orbx - Global openLC Africa - Sudan


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