• VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' Cicare-8 Project

    VSKYLABS - Cicare-8 Project

    Attached are more recent screen shots, showing a bit more of the evolving Cicare-8.

    Although based on accurate references and drawings...one of the most *ultimate tests* for the 3D design and engineering aspects is simply to sit in the aircraft in the VR environment, reaching out with both hands to the controls, switches, doors, levers etc. Ergonomically, it should fit smoothly and comfortably. Once this works and aligned in the virtual world, fitting in and animating the pilot/passenger models is straight forward.

    So the virtual Cicare-8 has passed the 'ergonomic test' with great success, and the virtual pilot model was easily modeled and engineered in, with full hand-to-cyclic and legs-to-pedals alignment (hands and feet are of course animated along with the collective, cyclic and pedals). This is an important milestone in every VR oriented project.

    VSKYLABS - Cicare-8 Project

    VSKYLABS - Cicare-8 Project

    Cockpit instrument panel is still evolving. A Turn and Slip indicator was modeled and installed into the main panel, and the experimental-autopilot-panel has shifted to the outer left side of the panel.

    AviTab-compatible tablet was also installed, using a light-weight aluminum mount, which is connected to the upper panel-cover. It is removable by user decision. (AviTab plugin is *NOT* included in the project). A tempered glass protecting shield was applied onto the Tablet screen, with perfect camera, speaker and home buttons fit.

    The Newton Consulting type fuel-valve is visible in the screen shots, as well as the collective and cyclic friction lever and knob. These are interactive and animated, although will not affect your joystick friction setting dY_Z . However, tests are being made these days to evaluate *nullzone size manipulation*, which will replicate controls friction. This is still an experimental feature.

    VSKYLABS - Cicare-8 Project

    VSKYLABS - Cicare-8 Project

    Side by side with intense test flights, cockpit environment will gradually be fitted with the needed accessories such as head-sets, rubber parts and covers, floor-mats, wires, Push-To-Talk buttons (on the cyclic grip area), high-definition yaw-string, placards and more!

    FMOD sound pack is already "alive and kicking", and real recordings of the Cicare-8 will be integrated into it soon.

    Here are the (real) Cicare-8 helicopter page. It is the best place to get familiar with it, while the VSKYLABS Cicare-8 is being developed!

    http://www.cicare.com.ar/cicare8/index.html (English language)
    http://www.cicare.com.ar/cicare8/index-es.html (Spanish language)

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