• VSKYLABS Cicare-8 Project Update

    VSKYLABS Cicare-8 Project

    The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': Cicare-8 Project...First in-cockpit screen shots and close-ups! (Work-in-progress / under development).

    Last week, deep engineering, modeling and components integration phase of the Cicare-8 project has reached the scheduled peak, and the project has reached the important milestone. Initial VR tests and test flights were made as well with great success!

    Up until last week, flight testings were focused mainly on bringing the simulation up to the point of a self-sustained, stable and integrated state. During next week, the Cicare-8 flight envelope will get wider and wider as the flight model development will gradually 'validate' all relevant aspects of the Cicare-8 performance and handling characteristics.

    Here are several up-to-date screen shots, showing the VSKYLABS Cicare-8 up close, including initial glimpse into the evolving cockpit (these are Work-In-Progress shots which are not representing the final state of the project).

    VSKYLABS Cicare-8 Project

    VSKYLABS Cicare-8 Project

    Current instrumentation setup is incorporating an LSA type/experimental autopilot, which is being used during development. This instrument may be incorporated in the initial release version of the project.

    PBR works is a continuous (almost endless) effort, which will keep on having progress up until the estimated release time-frame.

    Cyclic stick/s - left side is optional (removable). In addition, each stick (on each side) is adjustable independently, and may be set in two positions (high/low). This is very handy in the real Cicare-8 (where each pilot can adjust his stick throughout the allowable throw), but also in VR operations, as setting different position will result with a different position of the touch-controller touch-zones (tip: lower position is preferred in VR operations when using the touch controllers. Main reason is that there is no real stick to grip and rest the hand on, and the lower position is allowing more comfortable position of the hand).

    If you haven't done it already...it is highly recommended to visit the (real) Cicare-8 helicopter page, to get familiar with it, while the VSKYLABS Cicare-8 is being developed.

    VSKYLABS Cicare-8 Project

    http://www.cicare.com.ar/cicare8/index.html (English language)
    http://www.cicare.com.ar/cicare8/index-es.html (Spanish language)

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