• Review: Taburet - Telluride For X-Plane 11

    Telluride XP

    Publisher: Taburet

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    Patrick Putlend

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    Taburet - Telluride for X-Plane 11

    Initial Details

    Telluride airport is located in Colorado in San Miguel county. The runway is on a plateau and still dips slightly in the center, although the dip was more pronounced prior to a renovation in 2009. It can be a challenging but beautiful approach for pilots. This scenery for X-Plane includes a new photographic texture for ground coverage, a sloped runway at the airport, plus full autogen.


    • X-Plane 11
    • Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit) or Mac
    • Processor 2.4 GHz or faster
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • 3D graphics card with 1024 MB VRAM
    • 1.35 GB hard drive space

    Taburet - Telluride Scenery XP     Taburet - Telluride Scenery XP

    After installing the 6 different scenery packages, I looked further to see if there was any type of documentation associated with the package. Unfortunately, the only piece of documentation I could find was the "description.txt" file, which was simply the same as the store description. This was a shame, because I would have liked to have seen some real world documentation included!

    Initial Look

    Installing the scenery was troublesome, as I had to play around with the scenery load order many times before I got it to work. The scenery load order that is given to you upon purchase does not work when dealing with other 3rd party add-ons. Installing the scenery into a vanilla install of X-Plane was a little easier, but with add-ons already installed...it was challenging!

    Once successfully installed, I loaded up the sim ready for my flight from KTEX. However, upon loading, I was very surprised to see that there was no KTEX airport scenery, just the default scenery included with X-Plane!

    Taburet - Telluride for X-Plane 11

    I rechecked my install so as to make sure I had followed the correct procedures, and I had. Personally, I found this very disappointing, not only because the developer did not include the airport scenery, but also because there was no mention that the airport was 'not' included. Now aware that the scenery package was only for the surrounding areas and terrain mesh, it would be nice if the developer could add a line to his description mentioning that no airport scenery is included. Still, not to be beaten, I downloaded a freeware scenery to put over the Taburet Telluride package. This provided me with a much more realistic scenery than before. However, for the purpose of this review, this scenery was not included.

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