• QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 SP2 Hotfix

    QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 SP2

    Greetings Ultimate 787 Pilots!

    Since the release of Service Pack 2 (V1.2.0) on Friday we have identified some minor issues for which we have just uploaded a hotfix.

    This hotfix (V1.2.1) will address the following items:

    • QW LOAD AGENT not setting payload correctly when citypair is not in database
    • 787-8 EFB OPT always shows 0 as MTOW
    • Flaps 20 take off FLAP CONFIG warning
    • Flaps 20 take off GEAR CONFIG warning
    • Strobes do not always default to OFF when initializing
    • Cold and Dark Panelstate does not set exterior lights properly
    • FSX only: 787-10 VC yoke buttons disconnected from yoke
    • FSX only: 787-10 VC wipers inop

    On an additional note I would like to stress that the Ultimate 787 Collection is not compatible with Prepar3D versions lower than 4.4. In case you experience issues where the plane does not appear properly, please make sure that you are running the correct version of P3D (4.4 or higher).

    For your convenience, we have created update installers that will update your current installation to v1.2.1. Users will need to have v1.2.0 or v1.2.0.1 installed already! Otherwise please use option C.

    Installers can be found here.

    If you currently run a version older than 1.2.0, please perform a full reinstallation. In this case please first uninstall all liveries and then uninstall the 787. Afterwards run the new installer as administrator. When you download and run the full installer, you will not need to install the hotfix on top.


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