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    The UK's leading military virtual organisation for users of FSX/P3D.

    Simulating the operations of the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps and Fleet Air Arm, we aim to provide realism and fun within the confines of Flight Simulator. MODSim has a wide choice of squadrons and aircraft to suit all interests and experience levels. Our Central Flying School is recognised as providing the best virtual military training on the internet whatever your previous experience, none is required.

    Applicants should be at least 18 years of age, on date of application.

    FSX Acceleration/Gold, FSX Steam Edition or Prepar3D is required.

    NOTE: We will be moving solely to Prepar3D by the end of 2019 (date subject to change). At this point, FSX will no longer be supported on our flight server.

    We simulate a number of real-world military units from the Royal Air Force(RAF), Army Air Corps(AAC) and the Fleet Air Arm(FAA).

    In addition to these 'operational' squadrons, we run a structured training program. Although it is progressive, it is not a 'pass or fail' program, it is there to provide some basic knowledge, understanding and airmanship to new recruits, regardless of experience. You will be taught by some very experienced people on a 1 to 1 basis.

    The training course also creates a level playing field for all users and instills an understanding of other member's abilities.

    Whatever your experience or ability level, we will get you through, afterall it's all about having fun.

    We have ex RAF fighter pilots here at MODSim, and they had to do it too!

    We Can Offer:

    • An active JOCO team, planning regular operations and deployments using all of our squadrons.
    • Our own private TeamSpeak channel and 24/7 forum support.
    • Members' extensive experience in Mission Building, Scenery Creation, Operational Planning, IT Specialists, Administration Personnel and media experts.
    • An on-line hour log-book system.
    • Our own dedicated server with excellent peer-to-peer facilities.
    • Technology testing, including the introduction of TacPack and the use of Virtual Reality headsets.

    What's Required Of MODsim Members?

    To be friendly, committed, keen to learn and broaden their skills, support other members and become part of the MODsim team. Time and effort will be rewarded with promotions in rank, senior positions on squadrons involving varied roles and responsibilities, plus privilege-positions such as membership of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight display team, and the receipt of medals and awards.

    MODsim's History

    In 2008, RAF Simulation was launched in October, with a presence at the Flight Simulation Convention held at The Eye in Birmingham. This was very successful and generated a lot of interest from people who were interested in on-line flying or who interested in obtaining new skills by flying a different type of aircraft. 2009 saw the first major deployment with Exercise Sharp Edge, which saw RAFsim assests travel to Sion Airbase, Switzerland for a 6-week deployment to test cooperation between squadrons. Also in this year our pilots saw their first active operation, Operation Afghan, where a scenario was put together similar to real-world events and RAFsim assets were deployed to Helmand Province for a 6 week deployment. Exercise Joint Warrior, a Remembrance Day fly past and a demonstration at the Flight 1 Show at Shoreham Airport followed.

    2016, has seen the most dramatic advances in Flight Simulation technology. MODsim has adopted the use of JoinFS peer-to-peer multiplayer connection for flawless formation flying and expansive improvements to our multiplayer network. The ability to welcome members flying simulators other than FSX ( such as FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D ) has vastly increased the reach for our membership. Exercise Proximal Cause was our most ambitious yet, with the entire organisation deploying to the Caribbean for three weeks fighting an insurgency in Cuba and South America. More members than ever now use Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets, and members continue to explore the latest and most innovative technology to enhance flying at MODsim.

    In 2017 to 2018, we saw Operation OBELISK, fighting off a fictional spanish airforce and army.

    Operation ARTESIAN burst into life over Eastern Africa, with MODSim assets from all squadrons deploying southwards to cover task such as humanitarian aid, air defence and also the rescuing of a Mozambique Official!

    The most recent installment was Operation AZOTIZE, based on real world events and the commencement of our RAF and FAA units commitment to The Baltic Air Policing Mission - Utilising MODSim's own in-house aggressor squadron.

    At Present we are planning our next operation and have many more developments in the pipeline.

    MODSim Development

    We have an in-house team of scenery designers, aircraft designers and modifiers.

    Some members are currently working on 'Payware-standard' add-ons and we also have a member who has created add-ons for SIM SKUNK WORKS and also INDIAFOXTECHO.

    This means that MODSim have always been able to utilise the most realistic sceneries and aircraft available to date.

    The Wildcat

    This is an old FS2004 model that has been converted for use in P3D and is sporting the latest paintwork from the AAC. (Any aircraft or scenery developed or modified are strictly for private use on our servers and will not be distributed for public use)

    MCAS Beaufort Scenery

    The birthplace of the F-35 pilots, we felt that this South Carolina airbase deserved a spot on the MODSim server.

    Joint Helicopter Command (JHC)

    We are delighted to announce the formation of the Joint Helicopter Command. This this will bring together aircraft from all three services, each providing its own specialist roles.

    18 Sqn - RAFSim - Odiham
    656 Sqn - AACSim - Wattisham
    659 Sqn - AACSim - Yeovilton
    814/845 Sqn - FAASim - Yeovilton

    BENEFITS: Cooperation between all 3 arms of the org will be greatly increased as rotary pilots will be encouraged to work together both during training exercises and operations. JoinFS testing has resumed, with a focus on rotary, with positive results.


    We are currently in the process of testing the latest SkunkNet software, which is a alternate option to JoinFS, which has been developed for military flying.

    vACMI Ships

    We are currently testing and implimenting this clever little add-on, which enables the user to plan routes for AI battleships/carriers and land vehichles and broadcast them via multiplayer, JoinFS or SkunkNet. And oh yes....... They fire back!

    Cosford Flight Sim Show 2019

    As always, some of the MODSim crew will be at the Cosford show to answer your questions, maybe let you have a go at flying a typhoon through the Mach Loop, kissing the tarmac with a C-17 or even attempting the challenge of hovering a helicopter.

    If you are interested in finding out more, why not visit our Facebook Page.

    You can join the fun by visiting our web site:


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