• Verticalsim Studios Releases VStates Florida

    Verticalsim Studios - VStates Florida

    VStates Florida is now available featuring all new imagery of the Keys with custom water masking and better color correction matching to real life imagery.

    The VStates ortho project for X-Plane is a project to ensure color-corrected ortho/satellite imagery for the entire US mainland region. Sourced from government sources it involves hand color graded tiles that integrate seamlessly with Ortho4XP. the imagery source is 97% cloudless and matches with more payware airports.

    Change Log

    • New colors
    • New Keys water masking
    • Mesh for upcoming KTPA payware built in
    • Two download servers

    Verticalsim Studios - VStates Florida

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    Verticalsim Studios - VStates Florida

    Thank you and happy flying!