• DMD Developers - Flugplatz Magdeburg EDBM P3D V4 Released

    DMD Developers - Flugplatz Magdeburg EDBM P3D V4

    Many of us for a virtual flight choose aircraft, but there are those who prefer a relaxed flight in a Cessna. This scenery is created for such fans of leisurely flights over the picturesque scenery of the surroundings of the city of Magdeburg and glider flights.

    Magdeburg City

    Magdeburg is a city in the Central part of Germany, the capital of Saxony. It covers an area of 201 sq. m. Population-238 thousand people. Stands on the river Elbe. Magdeburg is divided into 40 urban areas.

    If you look at the location of the city of Magdeburg on the map of Germany, it becomes obvious that it is located in a very favorable and convenient location. The nearest major cities to Magdeburg are: Braunschweig (89 km), Hanover (131 km), Berlin (128 km), Halle (86 km).

    In world history, Magdeburg is known as the place where one of the most famous systems of urban law - Magdeburg law-was formed in the 13th century. The princes and kings who granted this right to a number of cities gave them the right to self-government, and hence to freedom.

    Today Magdeburg is very different from Magdeburg of 1800 or 1900. Unlike other German cities, it has not managed to preserve all of its rich historical heritage, and is known for the most part for its large green parks and modern business centers.

    The Airport Magdeburg-City

    It is located on the southern outskirts of Magdeburg. By public transport, car or Bicycle you will be in the city centre in a few minutes.

    Due to its proximity to the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt and the nearby business parks and cities, the airfield is an optimal approach for both business aviation and private pilots and pilots. Instrument approach is available for bad weather conditions.

    Near the terminal on the eternal Parking lot put Tu-134 flying in the German airline Interflug. This monument stands as a reminder of the long Soviet-German friendship.

    About The Scenery

    • For fans of VFR flights and commercial aviation
    • Textures of ground polygons in high resolution
    • Animated models of balloons
    • Dynamic lighting at the airport
    • 3D models use PBR materials (SDK 4.4)
    • This scenary is fully compatible with Orbx Global LC, Europe and Germany
    • Optional phototerrain for airport area and city suburbs availalbe for free download


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