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    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional


    Berlin has always been a place that I've wanted to travel to in real life. The culture, the food, the scenery, its history, it's all there to be experienced! Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm having to settle for a virtual tour of this beautiful city due to the fact that my real life is so busy at present! Hopefully, one day though, the 'MrYorkiesWorld' clan, will get to visit this stunning location for real!

    Up until a few weeks ago, I'd only really had the pleasure of visiting Frankfurt in P3D V4 (also by Aerosoft), but I'm excited to say that thanks to my friends over at FlightSim.Com, I can now visit Aerosoft's version of Berlin too, and I'm excited to be writing a review of this fantastic and very detailed piece of scenery for P3D V4.

    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional

    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional

    As ever, I like to keep my reviews relatively short and to the point! However, unlike my previous reviews, I will not be including a video. Instead I have decided to use a series of screen shots, which I hope you will enjoy. With that said...let's get straight into it.

    Coverage Area, Detail And Textures

    So let's talk about scenery coverage. Upon first glance, it was quite clear to see that the package included some surrounding areas around the main Berlin Tegel Airport. The ground textures looked good, but were not perfect. I tend to use Orbx FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC Europe (although I don't currently have them installed in the sim), and these do help a little, but I still noticed some things were a little blurry.

    The scenery also seems to have different types of textures compared to those of Orbx. This is expected with most sceneries, however I did notice that you can sort of make out pretty clearly the "lines" where Orbx ends, and Aerosoft begins. I assume this could be worked on at some point by the developer and possibly added as a fix of some kind, but this can, of course also depend on what other scenery packages people are using, and whether or not they are using Orbx products etc.

    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional

    When it comes to textures, the actual airport itself boasts some really nice, high-resolution textures throughout. The runways and taxiways looked great, and the terminal buildings and jetways also looked stunning. These tend to look equally as nice in the daytime as they do at night, and other products such as Chris Bell's Black Marble help to bring things together even more and make things look amazing.

    An important factor to take into account, is that this scenery also comes with a pretty accurate AFCAD, but this can be improved on quite a bit with the help of a quick download from the Aerosoft Forums, and includes more parking spots, etc.

    Performance And Compatibility

    So as expected from the title of this scenery, Aerosoft Berlin Tegel Professional is specifically designed for Prepar3D V4. I'm not sure if this would work with any previous version of P3D because the product page clearly doesn't state any other compatibility possibilities other than P3D V4.

    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional

    Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional     Aerosoft - Berlin Tegel Professional

    Moving on to performance, and I have to say, I didn't really notice any kind of performance drop. Even with quite a lot of traffic, and heavy clouds, frame rates stayed at a respectable level. However, I have heard that some users have experienced issues with frame rates, but on my system, running the latest version of the scenery everything was smooth. For reference, my system is as follows: Intel Core i9 9900k, a GTX 1080TI, and 6GB of RAM. Considering the size of the scenery, I was very pleased with the performance.

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