• SimCoders Updates Reality Expansion Pack (REP)

    SimCoders Updates Reality Expansion Pack (REP)

    A new update of the Reality Expansion Pack is now available. It applies to all available aircraft except the Super Cub that will be improved in v4.3.


    • All Aircraft Fix: solved some windows positioning issues
    • All Aircraft Fix: in XP10 REP did not recognize opening a window as a paused sim state
    • SF-260 Fix: the KFC225 autopilot did not provide pitch angle control via the up and down buttons in pitch mode
    • PC-12: Fix: the pressurization system broke too easily
    • PC-12: Fix: the fuel color was wrong during ground checks
    • PC-12: Fix: some engine components were not worn out using the "Wear to menu option
    • PC-12: The standalone economy system rewards were too low for this kind of aircraft
    • PC-12: Improved checklists
    • PC-12: The ECS Switch position is now saved and restored between session
    • PC-12: Improved oil pressure behavior
    • PC-12: Improved battery behavior
    • C172 Fix: in the bush version, the EGT reference needle knob didn't work
    • C172 Fix: hobbs and tach times instruments in cockpit reported the same time
    • C172: Improved startup behavior
    • All Aircraft: Improved startup behavio


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