• VSKYLABS Aeros-2 Trike Project Coming Soon

    VSKYLABS Aeros-2 Trike Project

    Officially announced a year ago, the project has now reached advanced development phase. The project is part of the VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot' series, designed for use with the latest X-Plane 11 'Experimental flight model' environment.

    It is a highly-realistic hang glider trike simulation, utilizing X-Plane 11 physics to its limits. With the use of actual weight-shifting combined with a wing tilting control mechanism, and a highly-accurate, comprehensive flight dynamic model design, the VSKYLABS Aeros-2 Trike is demonstrating authentic hang gliders/flexwing microlights flying characteristics, including slipping, 'tumbling' (which is the departure from controlled flight into a rapid nose-down autorotation) and more.

    The Aeros-2 is a Ukrainian ultralight trike, designed and produced by 'Aeros'. It can be powered by various engine configurations, and the Rotax 503 and 582 Aeros-2 Trikes are known in the US market as the 'Venture 500' and 'Venture 600'. VSKYLABS development of the Aeros-2 for X-Plane was approved by 'Aeros'. However, the project is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not affiliated and/or endorsed with/by 'Aeros'.

    The VSKYLABS Aeros-2 Trike simulation is powered by a Rotax 503 engine, equipped with Aeros 'Profi TL' wing (which is a 'topless' wing), having standard winglets. The winglets refine the wing's longitudinal stability, making the trike more stable in spirals and other side slipping situations.

    The VSKYLABS Aeors-2 Trike is the next step in the VSKYLABS Hang Gliders Project evolution, which was initiated back in 2015, and didn't go through a decent update for almost two years now. The "brand new" Aeros-2 trike will replace the current, old, generic 'S-1' trike.

    Hang glider trike pilots: get ready for the most realistic hang glider trike simulation available on a PC!


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