• IVAO Software: What's Coming Next?


    IVAO members and all the flight simulation community have been asking about what new software is cooking in IVAO's kitchen.

    In fact, we have not only one new software, we have two! Backing on IVAO's IT Strategic Directives that were published last year, the obsession of all IVAO developers became how to upgrade the entire IVAO Experience; on both ATC and Pilot ends.

    For starters, let us first understand how the IVAO Network works:

    We have four main pillars:

    1. ATC Client (Known as IVAC: the software that Air Traffic Controllers use)
    2. Pilot Client (Known as IVAP: the software used by Pilots to connect their simulators to IVAO Network)
    3. Network (Known as FSD: This is the magician that brings everyone together in one connected place)
    4. Servers (It is where all our tools and systems operate, so that our members can interact with IVAO, such as IVAO HQ and Division web sites, Division web site, Webeye, Voice, etc.)

    The ATC and Pilot Clients, as well as our FSD Network servers have been in use ever since IVAO infrastructure was constructed.

    IVAO embraces the necessity that every software needs continuous development, in order to keep its attractiveness and allow integration for future operating systems and flight simulation platforms.

    However, the current FSD, IVAP and IVAC are not copyrighted by IVAO, meaning that IVAO does not have access to the source code or any technical specification documentation. This has hindered IVAO's ability to make any significant updates to its software. Thankfully, that has come to an end with IVAO's new IT strategy.

    In addition to this, our current IT software developers in DEVOPS have dealt and continue to deal with major challenges on a daily basis. These include tremendous amounts of research because of missing (technical) documentation or specifications. This research has been combined with development to achieve the current progression in all three IT software projects.

    Our initial software project, was the development of our new Network - SHARD servers. This was a key step, as it provided the foundation and platform for the development of the succeeding IT software projects.

    Our second software project, is the new Pilot Client: We have progressed to ALPHA testing phase in a closed group of senior staff. The Pilot Client has been extremely complicated and challenging, as the developers and testers are required to deal with many scenarios and configurations. These include multiple instances of flight simulator, operating system platforms, as well as seamless integration of other components such as MTL, CSL, etc. We actually have two developers that highly committed to this challenging project. We are presently testing the client on a daily basis, reporting bugs, and both our developers and support staff are working around the clock to address these bugs and issues.

    We are planning to open the beta testing phase in the near future.


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