• Aeroplane Heaven Releases Socata Rallye MS-893

    Aeroplane Heaven Releases Socata Rallye MS-893

    The Socata Rallye MS-893 is a single engine low wing aeroplane highly capable of STOL performance. The distinctive high dihedral wings make the flying and handling characteristics of this aeroplane very easy to use. The tricycle landing gear with an offset nose gear is sprung to allow for a comfortable landing vehicle that can land on different runway surfaces. Coupled with the automatic leading edge slats, large wide span fowler type flaps and a very spacious and large windowed area to allow for greater visibility the Rally E is very approachable by pilots of all capabilities.

    Aeroplane Heaven - Socata Rallye MS-893

    Most Rallye customers would specify a lighter aircraft by keeping the interior loadout to a minimum resulting in even better take-off and landing capability. We have tried to keep the sparsity and approachability of this fun, simple, yet highly functional workhorse in the simulator with a unique options page that allows you to change options/paint schemes and loadouts on the fly without reloading the simulator!

    Aeroplane Heaven - Socata Rallye MS-893


    • Accurately modelled in high fidelity with an enormous amount of authentic detail
    • An "on the fly" options system that allows you to change the look and feel of the interior and exterior without having to reload the simulator
    • 3 different avionics options (yes we are counting having none as an option)
    • Highly realistic, animated pilot and co-pilot
    • Authentic stereo sound pack

    Aeroplane Heaven - Socata Rallye MS-893 cockpit

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