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    In The Air

    During the climb and descent I found the C42C very responsive to my input, without being too sensitive, and I easily managed to control my rate of climb/descent, airspeed and direction. Once up in the air and in my cruise, my fps increased to 40 plus over the jungles of Southeast Asia, and again the feel of the C42C was excellent. Very smooth turns and control was effortless as I island hopped my way around the numerous island that make up the Philippines and scoured the jungles of Borneo for lost treasures.

    vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C     vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C

    vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C     vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C

    On the sunny day I ran my tests, the window reflections from inside the cabin felt authentic and realistic and it really was a genuine pleasure to fly the C42C. Some of the more complex aircraft I have flown always feel to me that at times there is just too much going on, but the simplicity and quality of the C42C really mean the end user can enjoy their flying in as realistic a manner as possible. The fact that both the models on offer are based on the real-life experiences of one of the developers has to be a good thing, and really shows their commitment for quality that we all have come to expect from the vFlyte Air team. I have a couple of their other aircraft in my hangar, and the addition of the C42C really is another great addition to the X-Plane world. In my opinion, this is one of the best examples of an ultralight with respect to quality and value, and it offers something just a little bit quirky and different.

    I completed my various tests by attempting a couple of night flights to try out the night-time features. I found the instrument panel to be warm, well-lit and easy to read if you decide to take the C42C out after dark. My favorite time of the day to fly is around dusk just as the sun is going down, particularly around Southeast Asia, and with the large expanse of glass surrounding you, the C42C is a perfect aircraft to do it in as the view is almost unobstructed.

    vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C     vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C

    Final Thoughts

    I really enjoyed my experience in the vFlyteAir Simulations Ikarus C42C Ultralight and if you are looking for an ultralight to add to your hangar, it is really well worth a look. Both models are packed with features, it flies really well and looks fabulous. The addition of quirky features such as parachute recovery system and traffic tracker make it stand out a little from others, and this sort of detail in conjunction with the overall high quality of the modelling make this an ideal candidate for purchase if you are looking for an aircraft in this class.

    vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C     vFlyteAir Ikarus C42C

    [Editor's Note: the definition of "ultralight" varies quite a bit from country to country. In the U.S. this plane would definitely not be an ultralight but would fall under the Light Sport category. In other countries it might be termed a microlight.]

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    Stuart McGregor

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      What a great looking model!!

      Thanks for the review Stuart...you did a top job!


    1. pjdvs's Avatar
      pjdvs -
      My favourite! Excellent for sightseeing, the one for realistic and relaxed flight.Hope to see it in existing or new fsx!
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