• Black Marble - Extended Lights Pack Announced

    Black Marble - Extended Lights Pack Announced

    The best global roads and night lighting system ever just got even better!

    Introducing Extended Lights Pack, a new addition to Black Marble line of products (Black Marble Base and Vector Pack are prerequisites for Extended Lights Pack).

    With Extended Lights Pack we will deliver the most requested and sought-after feature of night flying. Extended Lights Pack solves once and for the "popping" effect with lights extending naturally to the horizon. This is a true game changer for those who love flying nights.

    Extended Lights Pack packs few more features beyond extending lights and eliminating popup effect. It also works flawlessly over any photoreal worldwide!

    That's right not only extended lights with no popping effect but also Photoreal coverage wherever it may me on the globe you can be assured Extended Lights Pack will be there to provide coverage and to compliment any Photoreal set at night.

    Many of you will wonder if Extended Lights Pack replaces Night Environment, the answer is no it is not! Though may look alike and partially function similar, Night Environment still is 100% Photoreal based!

    Extended Lights Pack is a Global Landclass based system with a special a new technical feats our group achieved.


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    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      Way over priced. He fixes problems with the original software then calls it an upgrade instead of a fix and then tags it with an astronomical price. PASS!!!!
    1. allybear's Avatar
      allybear -
      I will pass too. I have heard and seen several times this guy acting very unprofessional. Guess what, it's time people stop giving people like this their money.
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