• Review: Just Flight DC-8 Jetliner Series 50 To 70

    Whilst the modelling may not be the most beautiful in the world, it is, however, accurate to the real DC-8. Besides the standard animated surfaces and crisp textures, Just Flight has modelled and animated the fuel dump nozzle at the rear of the aircraft. As noted in the manual, reverser animation is also unique to the individual engine options on the DC-8.

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70 Reversers

    More interestingly perhaps is the thick black smoke emitted from the engines when the engines are spooled up. While it may initially seem that Just Flight has overdone it with the amount of smoke being emitted from the engines, comparisons with period photographs confirms that Just Flight has perhaps actually erred on the conservative side of things when it comes to smoke.

    Furthering our discussion on the smoke, Just Flight has also correctly modelled the smoke effects when the reversers are deployed. As these earlier engines did not use the cold stream reversers we see today, the full effect of the exhausts can be seen coming out of the side of the engines. Thankfully for the virtual environment though, such smoke is not present on the CFM-56 engines on the DC-8 Super 70 series models, as they shouldn't be.

    Moving on, Just Flight has included a "Performance Switcher Tool", located in the JustFlight folder in your root simulator directory and is aptly named "DC8_Switch2.exe". This tool allows you to switch between a high-quality model with one that is more performance oriented. Additional options in the tool allow you to disable the smoke effects of the aircraft should that cause you fps issues and gives you the option to replace the annoyingly loud default fuel pump sound with one that is more realistic.

    However, from my testing, I found no significant performance issues with this aircraft and whilst it certainly has a lower frame rate than default FSX aircraft, there is nothing too alarming regarding the FPS I received. As such, I found no need to switch from the high-quality model that is installed by default.

    In terms of liveries, the base package contains plenty of options for you to choose from. According to the store page, the following liveries are included for free:


    • Aeronaves de Mexico (XA-SID)
    • Air New Zealand (ZK-NZF)
    • United Airlines (N8065U)

    DC-8-55 Jet Trader

    • Air Canada Cargo (C-FTJP)
    • Iberia (EC-BMV)
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cargo (PH-DCZ)
    • DC-8-61 (The first of the 'Super 60' series)
    • Japan Airlines (JA8043) (Early and later version cockpits included)
    • Nationair (C-GMXB) (Early and later version cockpits included)


    • Rich International Airways (N1805)
    • Swissair (HB-IDL)


    • Icelandair (TF-FLV)
    • Sterling Airways (OY-SBK)
    • Worldways Canada (C-FCPS)

    DC-8-63 CF

    • ONA Overseas National Airways (N8635)
    • Trans International Airways (N4863T)

    DC-8-73 F (The 'Super Seventies')

    • DHL (DHL Airways) (N805DH)

    DC-8-73 CF

    • Air Transport International - ATI (N604BX)
    • Lufthansa Cargo (D-ADUE)
    • United Parcel Service - UPS (N814UP)


    • United States Navy (163050)

    Should the above be missing your favorite livery, there are two livery packs available for 12 dollars apiece that encompasses 40 more historical liveries. There is even a fictional livery pack that allows you to visualize how the plane would've looked in the liveries of airlines that never actually owned a DC-8.

    Overall though, I am rather pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail Just Flight has included in the exterior model of this aircraft. From the animated fuel dump nozzle to spoilers that refuse to deploy when in the air, this was certainly no rushed job. I did feel that the aircraft had an overall matte look to it, which seems to be too exaggerated, though that is my opinion. Nonetheless, as a whole, I feel that Just Flight has done a superb job recreating the real aircraft.

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    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      I think it is excellent value for money and a very good sim model now. I got this when it first came out and it was riddled with bugs and problems but and I say but - they appear to have all been fixed with several service packs. You get a great selection of types and good graphics and performance. I think the night lighting is amazingly well done. As for flying it well it was a DC-8 and it had its idiosyncrasies like the reversers, start etc and the hydraulics but it was not a Boeing and for simmer who like Douglas aircraft well it is actually a logical progression and step up from the pistons. I like it a lot, just do not do much flying with it now - not enough hours in the day alas.
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