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    DC-8 Series 50 To 70

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    Heralded as one of the first commercial jetliners, the Douglas DC-8 was certainly a popular sight at airports for most of the late 20th Century. Originally developed by Douglas Aircraft Company to compete with Boeing's 707, the aircraft was hugely popular amongst airlines, with a staggering 556 examples built.

    Like several aircraft models from its era, the reliability of the DC-8 allowed it to operate with several cargo companies for a very long time. Engine replacement programs by Grumman further extended the DC-8's service life. In fact, UPS only retired its DC-8 fleet as recently as 2009.

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Several DC-8s are still in service today, although large scale commercial use of the aircraft has ceased. Quoting directly from Wikipedia:

    As of July 2018, one DC-8 remains in commercial service with Trans Air Cargo Service. In addition, several DC-8s are in use as private aircraft along with one in use by NASA for air quality testing as of October 2017.

    As of 2017, Skybus Cargo Charters based in Las Vegas, Nevada lists three DC-8 Super 70 series aircraft in its fleet including a DC-8-72 in VIP passenger configuration, a DC-8-72CF combi aircraft capable of transporting both passengers and cargo on the main deck and a DC-8-73F cargo aircraft.

    Disaster relief organization Samaritan's Purse, based in North Carolina, also operates a DC-8 for flying disaster relief supplies and staff.

    Just Flight has recreated this beautiful aircraft for both FSX and P3D, splitting the entire package into two add-ons: Series 10 to 40 and Series 50 to 70. As another reviewer has already reviewed the Series 10 to 40 package (read it here). I'll be taking a look at the Series 50 to 70 package, arguably the more popular DC-8 variants.

    As this package contains eight models of the DC-8, I'll focus my review on the DC-8-55 to provide comparisons between this and Aerosoft's DC-8 (Review Here). Nonetheless, I will still cover the Super 70's FMC and glass cockpit in this review as it differs significantly from earlier DC-8s.

    Installation Process

    Installation from the FlightSim.Com Store was a hassle-free process. I was able to download the 900 MB file in about the time it took me to take a quick shower.

    The entire add-on is contained within a 964 MB zip file. Upon opening the installer, I was greeted with a pop-up that prompted me to enter the provided serial. Using the "License Manager" from the store, I was able to activate the product without drama. Installation was also extremely quick, and it took me at most 5 minutes to get everything up and running.


    Documentation for this add-on is contained entirely within a single 109-page PDF document. This document contains useful information, including an overview of the models and liveries contained within this package, a quick familiarization with the position of all the knobs, buttons and switches in the virtual cockpit (this model is not equipped with a 2D panel) and perhaps most importantly, a tutorial flight for the Super 70 series that details the use of Just Flight's FMC.

    Curiously, there also exists a text file titled "manual.txt" and within it contains just one line: "placeholder - replace with manual.pdf". Evidently, they did not do that, but I'm entirely nitpicking here as the additional text file has no detrimental impact to your experience using this add-on.

    Exterior Modelling And Looks

    Moving on into the simulator, we'll take our first look at this aircraft. I find this aircraft to be adequately modelled, though there is no particular "wow" factor associate with the model at first glance. Nonetheless, I'll allow you to make judgments yourself.

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

    Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70     Just Flight - DC-8 Series 50 To 70

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    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      I think it is excellent value for money and a very good sim model now. I got this when it first came out and it was riddled with bugs and problems but and I say but - they appear to have all been fixed with several service packs. You get a great selection of types and good graphics and performance. I think the night lighting is amazingly well done. As for flying it well it was a DC-8 and it had its idiosyncrasies like the reversers, start etc and the hydraulics but it was not a Boeing and for simmer who like Douglas aircraft well it is actually a logical progression and step up from the pistons. I like it a lot, just do not do much flying with it now - not enough hours in the day alas.
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