• Review: Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage For X-Plane

    First Look

    For the sake of this review, all three packages included in the scenery download link will be reviewed as a whole.

    Compared to some more recent releases from Aerosoft, it's clear that this scenery is starting to show its age in some areas; mainly in regards to the clarity of certain textures. Even with my graphical settings set to maximum, I still found them to be not as sharp as others I have observed of late.

    This is most noticeable when observing the ground textures. However, while they did lack a bit of detail, they still managed to look good.

    Moving on to the 3D buildings, I enjoyed the fact that each one of them was a custom model and reflected its real life counterpart reasonably well. Again though, I noticed that the textures used were not HD, and so when viewed up close, they did exhibit a degree of blurriness. When you consider that this scenery was originally released back in 2013 (on less powerful computers that today), you can allow for a bit of leeway.

    Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane     Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane

    Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane     Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane

    If I had to compare them with another scenery, I would say the best comparison is to the building textures of the default KSEA, which is shipped with X-Plane.

    Looking past the main airfield complex, I saw the vegetation used by the developers wasn't as pronounced as what I would have expected it to be. I have a feeling that in the real location (judging by images I have seen), that it is a lot more overgrown. I would have appreciated it, if the developers had spent a little more time developing the surrounding vegetation. Overall: 7.5/10.

    Terrain Mesh

    Having explored the scenery with both 'Runways follow contours' ON and OFF (ON being advised by the developers in the manual), I noticed that there were a few noticeable mesh issues. Even though I use default scenery (mesh included), I noticed a few dramatic elevation issues around Lake Hood. For the most part though, the scenery works well with the surrounding default terrain and no conflicts between the terrain and objects were observed. Overall 7/10.

    Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane     Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane

    Ground Textures

    During my time exploring the scenery, I spent a lot of time looking at the ground textures in and around the airport. As mentioned in Aerosoft's own description, they are 15 cm orthophotos, coupled with semi-translucent taxiways so as to provide greater detail. My overall opinion of this particular area of the scenery is that for 2013, when Aerosoft first released it, they were fantastic. However, time does not stand still, so looking at the textures today, they come across as good, rather than exceptional.

    The taxilines used in the scenery are from the default X-Plane library, so I would recommend installing a third party replacement in which to make the default lines look better. By doing just this simple upgrade, you will drastically make the ground textures look better.

    One particular feature of the taxiways I really enjoyed, was the fact that you could still see small ground details underneath (due to the taxiways being semi-translucent). This made the textures here look highly realistic and also unique. Overall 7.5/10.

    Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane     Aerosoft - Airport Anchorage for X-Plane

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