• Interview With Austin Goudge - OpenSceneryX

    With so many objects now contained within OpenSceneryX, how is the library organised?

    Carefully :-) You've highlighted one of the challenges of running a library like this - the structure. I came up with the top level organisation into item type (object / facade / forest etc.) very early on and that has worked well. Beneath that however, things have not always been straightforward and the structure has evolved over time as more and more content has been added. This has also had to take into account an important feature of much of the library content - texture sharing between items.

    A few mistakes have been made - why on earth are airport buildings in /objects/buildings/airport while all other airport stuff is in /objects/airport for example?! Well the answer is gradual evolution - something that seemed sensible at the start might not have turned out quite so sensible in the long term.

    One main goal though is backward compatibility - if an author has used a library item when they built their package in 2010, then an OpenSceneryX update in 2019 must not break it, even if stuff has moved around inside the library.

    OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX

    Austin, one of the things many designers think about is copyright, and how their object might be used. With this said, how do you go about ensuring the developers rights are protected?

    You've pinpointed another big challenge. After a big discussion at the start about what type of copyright could be applied to the library, we agreed that one of the Creative Commons licenses would be appropriate. We also agreed that we can't stop payware authors using the library. I know this is contentious* so I make it very clear how the library works when designers contribute their content. In practise, few payware authors have referenced OpenSceneryX because they would risk pillory by the community unless their package is outstanding in its own right.

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    The other side of this is I also need to protect myself against accusations of copyright infringement. This involves very carefully checking everything that is contributed to the library, including models (which may be derived from other models) and textures (which may be derived from other textures), to ensure nothing has been illegally copied and that all contributors have given permission to distribute their work. I have declined many contributions because the contributor couldn't prove who the original authors were. There are no exceptions to this - every item has to have all its original authors credited.

    * I won't get into the detail of why we can't restrict who uses the library here, as its related to the technical details of how libraries work, but in summary, copyright infringement boils down to who distributes the copyrighted work.

    If a designer has made objects for FSX/P3D, can they also add to the library, or are there limitations?

    If they own the copyright on the work, or get permission from the original authors then it's absolutely fine to contribute items that have come from other sims. There are a number of tools out there that allow you to convert between the different formats.

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    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      As an Xplane non-user I was surprised to learn that it was around as early as 2004.
    1. aussi's Avatar
      aussi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wensley View Post
      As an Xplane non-user I was surprised to learn that it was around as early as 2004.
      X-Plane 8 was 2004 yes, but the first version of X-Plane (v1) was released in 1995.
    1. Prospero246's Avatar
      Prospero246 -
      It would be wonderful if LEGO designers could someday be able to use the resources in OpenSceneryX instead of just being limited solely to the Laminar Research library, which is still very limited.
    1. otaviodoido's Avatar
      otaviodoido -
      Hi Austin,
      This is undoubtedly one of my favorite library, I constantly use in my Xplane scenarios that greatly enrich my projects, thank you for that.

      Otavio Bonomi,
    1. aussi's Avatar
      aussi -
      Quote Originally Posted by otaviodoido View Post
      Hi Austin,
      This is undoubtedly one of my favorite library, I constantly use in my Xplane scenarios that greatly enrich my projects, thank you for that.
      Thanks Otavio, great to hear it's really useful to you.
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