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    Conducted by Dominic Smith

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    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us, Austin; the team and I really appreciate it.

    No problem, it's a pleasure!

    OpenSceneryX is probably the most well known X-Plane library to date, and one that has grown is size over the years, but could I start by asking you how it all began?

    Well it all started with X-Plane 8, which I think was released in 2004. This introduced the concept of libraries and Laminar started using them widely themselves within the sim. Scenery package authors could also use these built in Laminar libraries, but they were very limited in scope and there was no third party collections that could fill in the gaps.

    OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX

    So each scenery developer had to start from scratch and either build their own complete set of items (including most airport furniture, vehicles and static aircraft), or go hunting around and asking others for permission to use theirs, or just steal them without asking. This is not only inefficient for authors, it's also inefficient in X-Plane too - if two very similar objects are modelled twice by different people for nearby airports, they both have to be loaded into the sim with separate textures and models, using twice the video card RAM.

    There were a few discussions about this at the time on the x-plane.org forums, and eventually in 2006 I decided that it was time to try and work out a solution. With fantastic help and support from many others both at that time and since, "The Library" (now "OpenSceneryX") was born.

    OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX     OpenSceneryX

    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      As an Xplane non-user I was surprised to learn that it was around as early as 2004.
    1. aussi's Avatar
      aussi -
      Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wensley View Post
      As an Xplane non-user I was surprised to learn that it was around as early as 2004.
      X-Plane 8 was 2004 yes, but the first version of X-Plane (v1) was released in 1995.
    1. Prospero246's Avatar
      Prospero246 -
      It would be wonderful if LEGO designers could someday be able to use the resources in OpenSceneryX instead of just being limited solely to the Laminar Research library, which is still very limited.
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