• AI Live Traffic Released

    AI Live Traffic

    We are happy to announce the release of AI Live Traffic, an innovative real world live AI traffic generator for FSX and Prepar3D.

    AI Live Traffic will create flight plans for your AI aircraft based in real flight data, you will see only real flights happening in real time inside your flight simulator at your origin and destination airports, plus real world flights around your route. Every time you fly you will have up to date real world AI flights in your sim.

    You only require a comprehensive AI Aircraft library, free or paid, AI Live Traffic will optimize them, match your airline liveries to the real flights downloaded from the cloud and generate AI flight plans, compile and install them into your flight simulator automatically through a very friendly interface.

    You will be able to match each aircraft inside your flight simulator with real flight tracking web sites in real time.

    Because of the real flight data, it requires a monthly license. You can download and try the app for free and read more information at our web site http://www.ailivetraffic.com.

    1. marknie's Avatar
      marknie -
      Its an expensive subscription. I will pass. . .
    1. karlhajek's Avatar
      karlhajek -
      I'm seriously wondering what exactly I should pay for here. If I have to maintain all my AI aircaft myself I can just as well compile the AI traffic going with it.
    1. Northwest102!'s Avatar
      Northwest102! -
      No thanks. I'll use UTL until Traffic Global in its full version becomes available.
    1. CRJ_simpilot's Avatar
      CRJ_simpilot -
      At a lousy $3.50/month it isn't too bad. I pay about that a month just for data retention with my Ring doorbell. But the deal breaker for me here is that it requires Windows 10. For me, and probably a lot of other people, I won't be using 10 anytime soon and into the foreseeable future. I reckon I'll probably go 10 withen 7 years or so and when that happens I'm customizing my 10 install in the ISO first and then deploy Pfsense to block all of the ASNs associated with telemetry and what have you and watch SNMP. Gone are the days of your own OS and computer.

      Perhaps this program can run on 7 anyway. I really don't see why not. I'll shot the Devs an email and ask. If I can use 7 I may purchase a subscription.
    1. CRJ_simpilot's Avatar
      CRJ_simpilot -
      Ah, the need for UTC time is another deal breaker for me as I use an add-on I paid for to give me correct local time where ever I fly in the world. http://ailivetraffic.com/home/known-issues/

      On an unrelated note. Their server has a ton of CVEs and they don't even use a free Cert from Lets Encrypt. Just had to point that out being the computer nerd I am and owning a few websites myself.
    1. djmorgan's Avatar
      djmorgan -
      $3.50 a MONTH?????? I could fly for real for that!
    1. cameron345's Avatar
      cameron345 -
      Seems they are in trouble now.... after paying with paypal no answer and the address [email protected] will be return with errors.... do you have the same problems?
    1. cameron345's Avatar
      cameron345 -
      Dont pay anything there on paypal....de money goes away..... noboby send you a license....this site is in mexico just to earn money and no delivery of the license.
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