• Review: Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    Improvements Over Default Scenery

    Perhaps the biggest selling point regarding Antarctica X is just how much it improves over default scenery. Whilst this is certainly true for all paid scenery packages, I find Antarctica X unique in just how much of an improvement it offers over default scenery.

    Antartica X's scenery configurator also allows you to accurately experience the continent during either the summer or winter months. As some runways are constructed on seasonal sea ice, runways literally melt away during the summer months, forcing alternative strips to be used in these months. This gives the scenery a much more dynamic feel, adding to the realism and immersion.

    Particularly of note is the transformation of the entire continent from what seems like a barren wasteland to a barren land inhabited by scientists. Looking at the screen shots of default scenery, it goes to show just how much Antarctica X improves upon your southern flying experience.







    Whilst the scenery in Antarctica is very pretty, it won't do much good if you're not able to physically fly there. The icy runways and strong winds make landings and takeoffs particularly treacherous, and wheeled aircraft usually won't be able to stop in time due to the immensely poor braking action. As such, an aircraft equipped with reverse thrust is crucial when flying in the arctic.

    For those of you who're thinking about purchasing another aircraft just for this scenery, hold your horses. Aerosoft has kindly included a ski-equipped DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter of the British Antarctic Survey in this package! On initial look, it appears that this aircraft is derived from their popular Twin Otter X and looks just as beautiful.

    Included as part of the panel are some checklists and a handy panel state tool to set the Twin Otter to a "cold and dark" state. Of particular usefulness is the interactive checklist, which will perform the action for you when you right click the checkbox. This hand-holding is a very useful and welcome feature in my opinion as it turns the flight into somewhat of an "interactive tutorial", which is certainly much more entertaining than reading 50 pages of manuals before even thinking about flying the aircraft. Nonetheless, should you wish to read more about the aircraft, there are several manuals online with regards to Aerosoft's Twin Otter.

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter     Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter     Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter     Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter     Aerosoft - Antarctica X - Twin Otter

    Procedure wise, as this is very similar to Aerosoft's Twin Otter Extended, you can learn more about this aircraft in-depth from a previous review here.

    Final Thoughts

    I believe that most simmers purchase scenery to either enhance areas which they currently fly to, or purchase scenery to explore new destinations and this product certainly falls under the latter for most simmers.

    On the surface, it may seem that the work done by Aerosoft does not justify the asking price. However, to be fair, we do have to consider how little data on Antarctica is available to the public and the lengths with which Aerosoft had to go to in order to procure terrain data for this package.

    Additionally, I feel that the addition of a ski equipped Twin Otter is a nice touch as it is an absolute necessity when flying in Antarctica. This Twin Otter can also take on other liveries available to be taken to places such as Nothern Canada or Alaska for more adventures.

    In the end, it is difficult to give a definitive answer as to whether this add-on is a worthwhile package for procurement. However, based on my experiences, this scenery package opens up a rarely visited part of the flight simulator world and even provides you the means to access this remote continent. Personally, I would certainly recommend this add-on to anyone looking to expand their virtual route network.

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    Meng Yu

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      I wonder if its compatible with ORBX scenery. Price is a bit steep.
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