• Review: Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    Airstrips With Lesser Detail

    Whilst the airports discussed above has some very beautiful scenery, the rest of the airports are a little less impressive.

    For "medium" detailed strips, there are often no parking spaces modelled, only runways. Depending on the specific airport, there may be some tents or just a single snowplow as is the case with China's Kunlun Airport. Nevertheless, some medium detail airports such as Base Marambio are quite detailed.

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X     Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X     Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X     Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    The "low" detail airstrips are similar, save for the fact that they sometimes barely improve upon the default scenery, with barrels along the runway being the only modification over default scenery.

    Aerosoft - Antarctica X     Aerosoft - Antarctica X

    As to the exact classification, it seems that Aerosoft considers any airport that contains additional buildings/vehicles to be "medium", whereas the most barren of skiways are considered to be "low" detail. Hence, a more accurate count of custom airports available in this scenery package would be 20, as the remaining low detail airports don't really have much appeal to them.

    Sky Blu Mission

    Included with this scenery is a mission titled "Sky Blu", where you're tasked with flying a Twin Otter of the British Antarctic Survey on a supply mission to Sky Blu airport. The expected time for completion is 120 minutes, although it could take much longer.

    The mission itself is more of an introduction to flying in Antarctica than anything else. The objectives are simple and there isn't much to do except watch the barren landscape pass beneath you as the autopilot flies the plane. The audio communications between the copilot and Rothera Radio are rather standard and seems pretty realistic as to what pilots flying in Antarctica would do. I do suggest that mission captioning be turned on under general settings though, as the static means that you may find it difficult to hear what the flight service station is trying to tell you.

    Landing during the mission is rather challenging. As the runway is made up of snow, which is in turn surrounded by more...you guessed it, snow, the runway may not be visible until you are almost on top of it. For this reason, your co-pilot instructs you to overfly the runway first before setting your aircraft down.

    To my surprise, I found myself staring at a 1 hour 30-minute timer upon parking the aircraft at the destination airport. Of course, the option to skip the 90-minute break before flying back to Rothera is given, though I am genuinely curious as to who might wait the 90 minutes before flying back.

    Overall though, Sky Blu is a nice and simple mission that introduces you fairly well to the procedures of Antarctic flying, though I don't feel that it has tremendous replay value.

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      marknie -
      I wonder if its compatible with ORBX scenery. Price is a bit steep.
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