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    Polish Airports Vol. 1 XP

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    Michael Hayward

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    Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1     Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1

    Quoting Marty Arant from Flight Sim Show 2017, Drzewiecki Design were one of the scenery developers to make X-Plane add-ons 'before it was cool'. Recently they have been porting over a number of their fan-favorite FSX and P3D sceneries to the X-Plane platform including all four of their Polish Airports add-ons.

    In this review, we take a close look at Polish Airports Vol 1 and see what the latest from Drzewiecki Design includes.

    Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1     Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1

    What/Where Is It?

    Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports v1 includes four (well, five) airports to fly from in great detail. These are EPGD Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, EPKT Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport, EPLB Lublin Airport and EPRZ Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport which also includes the EPRJ Rzeszow Aeroclub. Each airport includes a small amount of scenery in the immediate area modded, while Rzeszow sees the whole city modelled.

    Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1     Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1


    Installing the scenery was simple. Download the installer from your purchase site, select your X-Plane folder and start. As with all Drzewiecki Design sceneries, you are not required to input any activation keys and the installer asks if you would like it to automatically add the files to your scenery.ini which I feel is always a nice touch, especially with the less advanced simmers who may not know how to access or edit configuration files.

    Also included is a set of PDF documents. The first explains the history of the airports and a little bit of background behind the developers themselves, then the other four are airport charts and important information. These I have found especially useful when flying in and out of these airports as they would be active when the scenery was made, making navaids and approaches accurate to the scenery.

    Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1     Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1

    Structures And Facilities

    Each airport has been updated to show their modern facilities and terminals. After joining the EU in 2004, Poland received funding to upgrade their airports to improve connections to the rest of the world (something that was lacking after the fall of the Soviet Union). With strong connections to the US, airports needed to be large to facilitate bigger aircraft than ever before. Rzeszow opened a new terminal in May 2012 and in December 2012, a new airport in Swidnik replacing the former PZL Factory opened to serve Lublin and other nearby towns, both of which are included with this pack.

    Terminals, hangars and buildings are all highly detailed and look fantastic. 4k resolution textures are used to bring a lot of detail into the simulator, with bump mapping used on objects that come close or contact the aircraft (jetbridges, ground services, etc.). These small details certainly don't got amiss and add to the eye candy within these airports. They are also frame rate friendly meaning nothing is lost from the overall enjoyability of the simulator.

    Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1     Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol. 1

    Either Gdansk or Lublin have to be my favorite of the terminals (Lublin with its sleek modern building or Gdansk with its extensions that bridge out of the main building) while the plane spotters on the balcony at Rzeszow is a nice ode to the developers, themselves plane spotters who frequent the airport.

    Polish Airports also makes use of the AutoGate plugin by Marginal. AutoGate works similar to SODE in FSX and P3D where it places and animates airport ground services such as jet bridges and nearby vehicles. This works well in making the airport dynamic and adds an extra bit of life when on the ground before departure and after landing.

    Small details really add to your simulator experience, and this is something that these guys have done perfectly.

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