• Review: Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    As what has now become the norm for Aerosoft, the models for the various buildings and structures are all of good quality, and it's nice to see a developer go that extra mile.

    Unfortunately though, many of them are placed on ortho scenery tiles which at times, don't really play ball.

    An example of this is in the picture below. Here you can see some well modelled objects, let down by some below average ortho imagery. Of course, opinions will differ, and I understand that many of you reading this are fans of orthos, but for myself...I find it quite hard to take in when it spoils elements of a scenery.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP - ortho texture

    With the scenery's location opened in Google Earth on my tablet, I was very impressed with the layout and placement achieved by the developers. Everything seemed to be well arranged, and there were no major blunders in regards to incorrect road or rail networks.

    Aerosoft have employed the sensible option of terminating roads and railways well away from the main scenery action. Roads and railways cannot go on into infinity, so if the cars are going to magically disappear, let them do it out of sight.

    Now we come to the main attraction; Genoa Airport...the heart of this scenery.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft's developers have done a great job at recreating the main airport, with many of the buildings being high polygon models. Texturing is good, with a high degree of weathering being used throughout (not surprising considering their proximity to the sea).

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    However, standing literally head and shoulders above the rest of the airport buildings, is the main tower. Here the detailing is simply superb, and I take my hat off to the developers for making it so.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    The scenery also includes a number of static aircraft, but these are only visible if you have the 'Draw parked aircraft' option ticked in X-Plane's graphics menu. However, if you wish to improve on this, then I highly recommend the free X Life Traffic plugin. Not only does this add more variety, it also adds animation and increases the volume of the traffic.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

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