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    Airport Genoa XP

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    Paul Mort

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    Welcome to my review of Genoa Airport and its surrounding area produced for X-Plane 11 by Aerosoft.


    Genoa Airport also named Christopher Columbus Airport, and commonly named Aeroporto di Genova-Sestri Ponente is an international airport built on an artificial peninsula, 4 NM west of Genoa, Italy. The airport is also the manufacturing base for Piaggio Aerospace, an Italian aircraft design and production company.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP area map

    In this review, I will be looking at what Aerosoft have produced and to see if the scenery is worth investing in.


    The documentation for Genoa consists of a single PDF in both German and English. It was short, but provides you with all the necessary information required to get the most out of the scenery.

    Buildings And Textures

    As regular readers of my reviews will know, the first thing I like to do before I get into the meat of the review, is to takeoff and explore the scenery from the air...

    The airport's main runway is situated next to the sea and runs parallel to the coastline. Located nearby in the bay area are numerous pleasure boats and ships, and these go well with the interesting and suitable shore architecture the developers have kindly included.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP runway

    Looking at the scenery from above, it's clear to see that the package is made up of four distinct areas: the main airport scenery, the harbor, an industrial area, and the town, which includes the foothills to the nearby mountains.

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP mountains

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP     Aerosoft - Airport Genoa XP

    I was really impressed with what I saw, especially as the scenery covered such a large and detailed area. There really was so much to see, and I can only wish that more developers start to take up this approach. An airport scenery shouldn't necessarily end at its boundary in my opinion...if possible, it should continue and then gradually fade out.

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