• Westwood Walks In The Lake District Volume 3 North Western for X-Plane

    Westwood Walks In The Lake District Volume 3 North Western for X-Plane

    Westwood Walks Vol. 3 is the third of four volumes in the Lake District adventures.

    This volume covers mainly the North Western region of The Lakes covering the area around the beautiful village of Grasmer, home to the famous poet William Wordsworth.

    Fly around the 2847 foot Blencathra, explore the 3000 foot Skiddaw range, take a tour down the Borrowdale Valley, discover Catbells and much more. Includes a readme/installation guide plus a 70+ page guide book in PDF format and 912 MBs worth of scenery.

    Westwood Walks In The Lake District Volume 3 North Western for X-Plane

    About The Lake District

    Surely there is no other place in England like The Lake District. Here in such a small compact area lies the jewel of the English Crown. So many mountains and fells, a lifetime's work to map them. Alfred Wainwright did his utmost by writing seven volumes of guide books. I in my own little way am going to try and show you that same beauty from a slightly different perspective. A number of years ago I started to show you the beauty with my Flying Bike Tour in FS2004 but graphics have improved since then and will no doubt continue doing so in the future.

    Many guide books have been written about the lakes even long before Wainwright first visiting The Lake District. The first I think was written in the mid 1700¡¦s. William Wordsworth wrote quite a few guide books himself but then complained there were too many visitors! The best known today are the seven volumes of Wainwright¡¦s Guide Books. Today thanks to computers I myself have the capability to give people around the world some idea of what The Lake District has to offer and together we can learn as much as we can.

    It is very difficult to compartmentalise The Lake District so we will occasionally re-cross footpaths from different directions but that will just add to our knowledge as we learn together. I will also tell you a little bit about the history of the areas that we will be flying over so you will know even more.

    Westwood Walks In The Lake District Volume 3 North Western for X-Plane


    To make these flights possible I have created three ortho files @ 18 magnification which is the best (although i can supply 19X which is even better (USB only) which are free to download here on FlightSim.Com (or if you prefer they can be supplied (for a deposit + postage)on a USB stick as two of the files are quite large). You can of course use these free ortho files on their own for you to enjoy the scenery.

    As I said earlier the files have been specifically created @ 18 magnification for low level visual flight and are ideal for use by the Aerolite 103.

    Two of the file sizes (3) are large but all three can be supplied on a USB stick if required. A £á/$ 25 deposit will be required and £á/$21 (£á4 p+p) will be refunded on return of the stick.

    If you would like the scenery at 19 magnification @ just over 200 GB this can only be supplied on USB.

    The free background scenery is available from the FlightSim.Com file library either as a regular browser download or via torrents. These are the three scenery files:

    Part 1: Lake-District.zip
    Part 2: Lake-District-2-4-4.zip
    Part 3: overlay.zip

    To obtain the scenery on USB stick contact the author: [email protected]

    Westwood Walks In The Lake District Volume 3 North Western for X-Plane

    The Tour

    The tour package includes additional scenery of airfields, a full set of flight plans and an extensive guidebook in the form of a PDF file.

    The 70 page guidebook is the heart of the tour, offering maps, photos, instructions and a detailed week-long itinerary that will guide your flights to the best parts of the scenery.

    About The Author Neil Birch

    Neil Birch is a long time flightsimmer and has been creating scenery and tours for FSX for many years. This is his first venture into X-Plane. Neil is a pensioner who lives not far from the Lake District.

    Read our interview with Neil Birch

    Purchase Neil's Tours - Westwood Walks Vol. 3

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