• Review: Wings Over The Reich

    The World Environment

    The scenery in Wings Over The Reich I must say is surprisingly good! I wasn't too sure what to expect as there isn't too much scenery from the 1940s that still stand in the same way today, so a lot of ground class is used to define fields, roads and cities. From the air and even on the ground, the level of detail across the entire map is high and flying at 6,000 feet is enough to give you a scene not too dissimilar to what you would expect in the real world!

    After running the 1.4 version update too, the world environment saw many improvements to the landclass definitions as well as the borders between ground textures and variety.

    Wings Over The Reich     Wings Over The Reich

    In and around the UK you have the landmarks you expect to see from Stonehenge to the Houses of Parliament, and flying a Spitfire low around the Cliffs of Dover is enough to get anybody patriotic! Heading into mainland Europe, the scenery is then transformed into the French and Belgium landscape that was taken over so quickly by German forces in Blitzkrieg, with miles of field surrounding your aircraft as you fly into battle.


    Night flying and battles are also a sight, with ground spotlights shining into the sky, lit up by the flak trying to bring you down. This is both really challenging and exhilarating as you fly in and around enemy aircraft, all in the aim of gaining air superiority.

    Seasons have also been nicely defined with the landscape changing depending on what time of the year you fly in. Snow covered the landscape during the winters while summers would be bright and clear.

    Wings Over The Reich     Wings Over The Reich

    The ground is traversed by AI vehicles, boats and troop movements, both allied and enemy. Locomotives will follow train lines between cities and towns while vehicles will generally follow roads, unless heading to specific destinations. Seaborne movements are a lot more dynamic as they don't particularly have a set path to follow, making for some interesting scout and shooting scenarios. Be aware for AI aircraft too, whether they are high-altitude bombers or escort fighters. These will be sure to give you some hassle!Clouds and rain however do feel a little basic, if not dated. Clouds are volumetric, but otherwise don't add too much to the sky environment. I would certainly like to see the weather aspect of the game improved in future updates, bringing it up to scratch with the modern technologies that are now available! The developers are aware of this and it's something they are certainly looking into.

    Opinion And Closing Remarks

    I have certainly enjoyed playing Wings Over The Reich and will certainly continue to play it! The dynamic campaign is certainly a lot of fun and each play through will always be slightly different, especially when deciding the outcome of the war!

    Wings Over The Reich     Wings Over The Reich

    Flying in WOTR gives you a strong feeling of flying the old fighter planes over southern England and Normandy, and really immerses you into the world, putting you right into the seat of the Hurricane, Spitfire or Messerschmitt you fly.

    The campaign is also intuitive and gives you a lot of opportunity for decision making. How does protecting the ground troops affect air superiority? Will leaving the ship convoy to join in another mission further afield affect their survival rate on arrival? These are all decisions you need to make which could potentially change the outcome of the war.

    If you're looking for a realistic WWII simulator, then I don't think you can get much better than this!

    Wings Over The Reich

    The Technical Bit

    Minimum Requirements

    • Intel 3.0 GHz CPU Speed or higher
    • NVidia Graphics card, 660 GTX or above with 1.5 GB VIDEO RAM
    • ATI graphics card with 2 GB+ RAM
    • Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer
    • 6 GB RAM or higher

    Review PC Spec

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
    • Windows 10 Professional
    • 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 6700K Processor
    • 16 GB RAM
    • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745
    Wings Over The Reich


    Michael Hayward

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    1. RayH's Avatar
      RayH -
      Shame its restricted to Windows only.
    1. DangerUXB's Avatar
      DangerUXB -
      Like most serious flight sims you need Windows, you can also get it to run it under OS X or MacOS using WineSkin etc.
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