• Review: Orbx - Australia V2

    Performance And Compatibility

    One of the most important aspects of a scenery (from any vendor) is performance. Not only that - compatibility is also important too. Now from my point-of-view - I use P3D V4.5 with several add-ons installed, and I haven't noticed any issues at all with performance or compatibility. Everything seems to work well and also smoothly - in fact I can't actually tell any difference in frame-rates since installing Australia V2.

    Obviously for those of you who do suffer from performance dips, you could try using the 'Configuration Options' inside of FTX Central. I found these to be really convenient, and I did initially turn off one or two things just to help with performance in case there was a massive hit (in the end it wasn't necessary), but overall I think most people will be able to use this scenery without any problems at all.

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    The scenery itself will eat up a fair chunk of your storage space, but what do you expect - this is a massive area with an incredible amount of detail. Personally, I really don't think the extra 9.83GB download size is much to complain about!

    For those of you wondering which simulators Australia V2 is compatible with, you'll be happy to know that it works with; FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3D v1, Prepar3D v2, Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4. It's nice to see that Orbx have catered for all flight simmers!

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Level Of Detail And Textures

    Another very important aspect of any scenery is how much detail there is on offer. Now I've already touched on this previously in the review, but the amount of detail and the texture resolutions for this scenery are simply breath-taking. We're dealing with a high-quality mesh, coupled with a high resolution texture set, along with an unprecedented amount of detail which, for a product of this size, you might not have expected to see.

    Orbx Global Vector is well-known for its level of detail, but even without this, Australia V2 already has an enormous amount of detail featured. This includes; autogen, textures, rail and road networks, lakes, rivers and shorelines, powerlines, wind farms, and much more.

    Generally speaking, you wouldn't really expect such a large amount of detail in a product covering just one area such as this, but Orbx seem to have gone one step further with this one, and really pulled out all the stops which I really appreciate.

    The image above from Orbx shows some of the truly beautiful water textures included, and as you can see, is highly authentic. Both the water areas in and around the region, as well as the land textures have all been revamped, and in my personal opinion I'd say I've never seen an Orbx product look so authenic!

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Summary / Rating

    There really is nothing much left to say apart from the fact that Orbx Australia V2 is truly remarkable. The only negative, and this is me being very picky, would be possible performance issues for those with less-powerful machines, but as I said earlier, it is incredibly difficult to criticize this because you have the option to customize a wide variety of features in FTX Central.

    So what's my verdict then? Well...it's going to have to be a solid 10 / 10. Not just because the scenery looks simply incredible, but because Orbx have managed to create a scenery which makes you feel that you are actually there!

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Australia V2 really is that good!


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    1. Tails85's Avatar
      Tails85 -
      Hi, what system did you run the performance test on?
    1. holmese's Avatar
      holmese -
      You say :-
      "It's nice to see that Orbx has catered for 'ALL' flight simmers".
      Not quite right.
      I don't see a version of this for X-Plane 11 ?
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