• Review: Orbx - Australia V2

    Orbx Australia V2 Review

    By MrYorkiesWorld

    Orbx - Australia v2


    Being flight sim enthusiasts, we all love to explore the virtual world provided to us by our chosen simulator, and one of my favourite places to visit, is Australia. I've always wanted to visit Down Under in real life as there is just so much to see, but the closest so far...is in the sim (hopefully that will change). Not that this is a bad thing however, as Orbx have just released their new Australia V2 scenery. This updated package covers the entire continent, and all in magnificent detail. The result is an experience which is both authentic and immersive.

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Having followed the scenery's progress over at the Orbx forums, I was keen to see what it had to offer, especially as the previous version (over ten years old now), was quite incredible when first released back in March 2008.

    So, with everything installed, it was time to sample the delights...

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Coverage Area

    As with any of their previous sceneries such as FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC etc., Orbx certainly like to give it their all when it comes to detail. Along with the main scenery of Australia V2, I also have Orbx' own YMML (Melbourne) installed, as well as YSSY (Sydney) from FlyTampa. In an effort to take everything in, I decided on a light aircraft as this would provide me with the most suitable views.

    Every inch of the ground is covered, with a total coverage area of 8 million square kilometres (yes you read that correctly), which turns out to be Orbx's largest region modelled according to their web site. When it comes to specifics, there are endless amounts of photoreal areas thrown in, one example being the Great Barrier Reef. There are also numerous bridges, marinas, thousands of lakes, parks, industrial areas, road and rail networks...I could go on!

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

    Orbx - Australia v2     Orbx - Australia v2

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    1. Tails85's Avatar
      Tails85 -
      Hi, what system did you run the performance test on?
    1. holmese's Avatar
      holmese -
      You say :-
      "It's nice to see that Orbx has catered for 'ALL' flight simmers".
      Not quite right.
      I don't see a version of this for X-Plane 11 ?
    1. smokin's Avatar
      smokin -
      I have a slightly different opinion of Orbx Australia V2. In my opinion, scenery is only as good as the airports you fly from and fly to.

      Overall good basic texturing.

      However, many OzX add/on airports do not match up with the new V2. Will all of them ever be fixed, doubtful.

      This is an important point, as Orbx generally supplies many (if not all) upgraded airports with their full fat regions. However, most of the Australia V2 stock airports I have visitied are substandard. If I had downloaded them and tried them out, I would have deleted them.

      In my opinion, if a user has Australia V1 with OzX already installed, forget Australia V2.
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by smokin View Post
      In my opinion, if a user has Australia V1 with OzX already installed, forget Australia V2.
      Think I agree with smokin. I have Australia v1 and been apprehensive about upgrading to v2 all along, despite a generous upgrade discount. And now with FS2020 around the corner, products like these will become redundant anyway.
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