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    Just in time for the 4th-of-July holiday, simwest has released simwestSOCAL for pilots who wish to fly in beautiful, sunny, Southern California in the USA.

    When you are flying, have you ever said to yourself, “Gee, didn’t I just fly over that part of scenery a little ways back” or seem to encounter “déjà vu”? That can happen when flying over landclass based ground imagery. And flying at higher altitudes can reveal a repeating pattern. Great for performance but not so much for immersion.

    simwestSOCAL has got you covered… literally, with 40GB of photoreal imagery from just south of Barstow to just south of the Mexican border. From the oceans of the Pacific blue to the Colorado River red, simwestSOCAL let’s your immersion run wild. And with some 180 airports found inside the project area you can test your pilot skills whether it be finding little bush dirt strips, VFR flying with your favorite GA aircraft or landing your “heavy” at one of the major international airports. Photoreal scenery you will want to fly though, not over.



    Our goal is "performance + immersion = enjoyment".




    • Thousands of square miles of 1.2m high definition, color corrected aerial photo imagery
    • Imagery that blends into surrounding scenery reducing that "hard border" look when transitioning to default or other custom scenery
    • Millions of custom placed buildings, vegetation and library objects autogen throughout entire area
    • Water-masked rivers, reservoirs and lakes to fly with your favorite float plane
    • Custom nighttime photoreal textures
    • Seasonal winter snow in the San Bernardino Mountains
    • Custom 3D night lighting not just for roads but occasional parking lots, shopping centers, golf courses, farms and parks all to add variety


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    1. Clutch Cargo's Avatar
      Clutch Cargo -
      Attention pilots - please be aware that simwestSOCAL is a very large installation. During install it may appear it has "frozen" or locked up. That is not the case. It can take literally up to 5 minutes before you see the installation progress bar start moving. Please be patient. Thx, simwest.
    1. johnnybbmorgan's Avatar
      johnnybbmorgan -
      It would have been nice if the first time you run the installer to have let us know that we had to have all the simwe.cab files extracted from all 4 of the zip files. Also, will I run into any issues with my other Prepa3D v.4 addons? Specifically the Orbx addon for Southern California and the Orbx KSAN airport addon? Will I have airport terrain issues like I initially had with your KABQ addon? Your KABQ addon, once I got it straightened out, is very beautiful and I'm certain your Southern California, plus the San Diego extra, will be just as wonderful!
    1. Clutch Cargo's Avatar
      Clutch Cargo -
      Hi Johnny, sorry for any confusion. Good point on the install and that information will be added. orbx Southern California is not compatible with simwestSOCAL as they are the same type product. Individual 3rd-party airports will vary as far as compatibility, color matching, etc., as they are made by many different developers. Example, I use LatinVFR KSAN and it matches up nicely... a little color difference and some of simwest lights go missing next to the airport but still quite immersive. Best is to try and decide for yourself.

      Use the simwestSOCAL Pilot's Guide under Tips & Tricks to resolve any vector issues you might encounter.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].
    1. aharon's Avatar
      aharon -
      How well does this merge with FSDream KLAX airport scenery?
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