• A1R Design Bureau - Yak 55M Updated

    A1R Design Bureau - Yak 55M Updated

    Updated Features Include

    • Added Prepar3D v4 compatibility
    • Added possibility to chose between imperial (feet) or metric (meter) units for altimeter
    • Added transponder
    • Code optimization

    A1R Design - Yak 55M

    About The A1R Design Bureau Yak 55M

    The Yakovlev Yak-55M is a single seat, single engine, all-metal monoplane with non-retractable titanium spring landing gear developed by the Soviet Yakovlev OKB in tn the late 1980s for unlimited competition aerobatics. Yak-55/55M was specifically designed to replace Yak-50 as the main aerobatic competition aircraft.

    This airplane is fitted with the Vedeneyev M14P nine-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, petrol-powered radial engine of 360 hp. Yak-55M is widely used in aero clubs throughout ex-USSR, as well as enjoying an enduring popularity in the West, like a solid and low cost advanced aerobatic aircraft. A hundred Yak-55Ms had been built by the end of 1993.

    A1R Design - Yak 55M


    • High definition textures - all with specular, bump and reflection maps
    • 5 different liveries
    • Custom sounds on cockpit switches, knobs, levers
    • Completely custom animated VC
    • Windshield and gauges reflections
    • Volumetric side view prop effect
    • Authentic 3D gauges
    • Accurate flight dynamics
    • PDF User Guide

    A1R Design - Yak 55M

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