• Thomson Fly Tom 3837 Manchester to Antalya

    Thomson Fly Tom 3837 Manchester to Antalya

    By Oliver Heaton (10 April 2007)

    I would like to invite you on this virtual Thomsonfly flight to Antalya in Turkey.

    I arrive at the aircraft which happens to have a Swedish registration strangely! The aircraft in use for this flight is the Boeing 737-800 (model by PMDG), the flight plan takes us southeast out of the UK, through Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria and most of Turkey, with the tip of southern Turkey being our descent point.

    Takeoff today is from runway 24L which is the newest runway at Manchester and it's a DESIG1Y departure.

    The tamed beast taking us to Antalya

    After programming the FMC and completing the final checks before pushback, I contact ATC for clearance:

    "Manchester Tower, good afternoon Thomson 3837 at gate 212, ready for IFR Clearance to Antalya"

    "Thomson 3837, cleared to Antalya initially climb to 6000 feet, DESIG1Y departure and expect runway 24L for departure"

    "Cleared to Antalya, DESIG1Y departure and I will expect runway 24L for departure, Thomson 3837"

    "Thomson 3837 read back correct call when ready for push and start"

    I programmed the SID into the FMC and then called for push and start:

    "Manchester Tower, Thomson 3837 ready for push and start"

    "Thomson 3837, push and start approved QNH is 1012 MB"

    I requested push back from the ground engineer and the aircraft began rolling backwards making the rumbling noises.

    Once push back was complete I ran through the start checklist and I started engine 2, followed by engine 1.

    I then contacted ATC for taxi:

    "Manchester Ground, Thomson 3837 ready for taxi"

    "Thomson 3837 taxi to runway 24L via taxiway D and hold at D1"

    I eased the throttles forward and the aircraft began rolling forward, I taxied to hold D1 and then I was cleared to cross runway 06L/24R.

    A short hop across the runway and I soon arrived at the holding point T1 for runway 24L.


    ATC cleared us for takeoff:

    "Thomson 3837 cleared takeoff runway 24L, surface winds 240 at 6 knots"

    "Cleared takeoff runway 24L, Thomson 3837"

    I rolled onto the runway, lined up and then accelerated to 120 knots which was V1.

    Up, up and away!

    We soon reached 6000 feet and then we were cleared by ATC to our cruising altitude of 35000 feet.


    As the aircraft passed through 10000 feet I switched off the seat belt signs and ATC had cleared us above 250 knots. I also decided to make a PA announcement:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you onboard this Thomsonfly flight to Antalya. We will soon be cruising at 35000 feet and we expect to arrive in Antalya at about 8 PM local time. I will speak to you again later on."

    After the aircraft levelled out at 35000 feet, my in-flight meal arrived which just happened to be a lovely plate of chips, covered in cheese! (Lovely!)

    About two hours later the aircraft approached the top of the descent, so I set 3000 feet into the MCP and the FMC started the descent automatically. As we began the descent I switched on the seat belt sign and completed the descent checklist.

    It was already dark as we started our descent into Antalya.

    Down we go.

    I decided to make a final PA announcement before landing:

    "Ladies and gentlemen we are now descending towards Antalya and we should be landing in about 20 minutes time. Thank you for flying with us today and we hope you have a nice holiday in Turkey."

    The arrival was the BRONZ1D for runway 36C.

    ATC picked us up on radar and we were handed off to Antalya tower:

    "Antalya Tower, Thomson 3837 inbound to BRONZ for BRONZ1D arrival"

    "Thomson 3837 continue descent, you are number 1 for landing"

    After reaching BRONZ, the STAR began and the aircraft did some tight turns and lined us up for landing.

    Landing shot from cockpit
    Established on final for runway 36C

    The aircraft continued to descend, coming through 1000 feet, then the call outs came: 1000, 500, 400, 300, 200.

    The elevation at Antalya is about 150 feet so the call outs ended at 200.

    I then disengaged the autopilot and the auto throttle and brought the tamed beast to a halt!

    Taxiing in

    I then taxied off the runway and rolled to the gate, while completing the after landing checklists.

    I arrived at the gate and made a final PA Announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Antalya, the local time now is 8:10 PM. On behalf of all of the crew onboard Thomsonfly I would like to thank you for flying with us today, have a nice holiday in southern Turkey and we will look forward to seeing you again soon."

    Parked at the gate with everything switched off and the passengers unloaded.

    Well I hope you enjoyed this flight to Analya. If you have any questions please e-mail me.


    Aircraft: PMDG 737-800 NG (payware)
    Scenery: Manchester UK 2000 Scenery (payware)
    Scenery: Antalya (default)

    Oliver Heaton
    [email protected]">[email protected]

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