• VATSTAR Celebrating 4 Years of Pilot Training

    VATSTAR 4th Anniversary

    Join us celebrate our 4 year anniversary.

    Come help us celebrate VATSTAR's fourth anniversary by flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles! VATSTAR is the premier resource for simulator pilots of every skill & experience level for any and all pilot training needs on VATSIM. Since been founded in 2015, we have achieved over 2,600 members and exceeding 1,100 certifications.

    There will be a 6 draws for giveaways any pilot who comes join us on this momentous flight. The only requirement is to have VATSTAR's fourth anniversary in their remarks.

    The items are as follows:

    1. an ORBX airport
    2. a FS2Crew Item
    3. Sky Force + Environment Force from Rex
    4. 717 aircraft and a 12-months smartCARS premium subscription from TFDi Design
    5. QualityWings Boeing 787
    6. VATSTAR Star Subscription

    I would like to take this time to thank all our partners, especially those you gave us items for the giveaway and ZLA for the ATC.

    Event Details

    Departure: KLAS - Mc Carran International Airport
    Arrival: KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport
    Date: June 22th 2019
    Time: 1800z - 2000z
    Preferred Route: BOACH8 RIKII SHTNR ANJLL4
    Communications: Discord - (https://discord.gg/DvuzbTh)

    Register For Event

    Register for the event at http://vatstar.com/index.php/about-us/4-year-anniversary-flight

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