• Microsoft Flight Simulator Was The Low-Key Best Reveal Of E3 2019

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Was The Low-Key Best Reveal Of E3 2019

    Those who live with their eyes open know that our little corner of the world is only a small niche among the much larger computer and software world. So it's interesting to see what the more mainstream folks have to say about us and the newly announced Microsoft Flight Simulator coming in 2020.

    PC Gamer just published a very enthusiastic article, with the author finding it the most exciting announcement within Microsoft's E3 statement. The author is encouraged by Microsoft's commitment to move the series forward and the appearance that some serious resources are being spent on development.

    It's nice to see someone who is not a hard-core flight simmer being so enthusiastic about this. Given the small size of our niche we need new and excited people coming into the flightsim community. Microsoft has the ability to get their attention -- whatever else you might think of them they do have lots of resources that can be put into promoting awareness of a product and that's a plus.

    Read the entire article here

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    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      Yes we are small...but we run very cool software

      Thanks for posting the article!
    1. b52bob's Avatar
      b52bob -
      Funny no mention of X-Plane or P3D. Behind the times article.
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Quote Originally Posted by b52bob View Post
      Funny no mention of X-Plane or P3D. Behind the times article.
      Please read the article again as X-Plane was indeed mentioned:

      'Of course, games such as X-Plane, DCS: A-10C Warthog, Rise of Flight, and IL-2 Sturmovik never really went away, and are still being played today.'

      A nice positive article, and one the community should embrace.
    1. raycar's Avatar
      raycar -
      If it's as good as the trailer I will support it. I have both FSX, FSXSE & FS9. Love them all.
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