• Tutorial: Beyond Plane Maker Part 2

    I also spent a very long time finding the correct internal X-Plane dataref to use. In the end I applied the dataref editor plugin to X-Plane and browsed through all the elements to find what was changing when I hit the airbrake control. There are over 1,000 datarefs, they are documented, as a list. My trial and error eventually led me to get to the following set of commands that I manually appended to the end of the OBJ file using a simple text editor, but do make sure to save it back with an OBJ suffix.

    Beyond Plane Maker

    The ANIM_trans line deals with transposition. I left it in so you know of its existence. In our case, we are not moving the object, we are rotating it, so we only need the ANIM_rotate_key statements. ANIM_rotate_begin 0 1 0 tells it to use the y axis for rotation (x, z are zero) the correct dataref is sim/flightmodel... (as above).

    This dataref has two logical states 0 and 1, so there are two rotate_key lines. The first gives its start and end angle 0 to 0 degrees, to close it. The second gives the open condition of 0 to 30 degrees. The TRIS value is generated within the object but seems to be needed to be moved inside the ANIM_begin and ANIM_end delimiters.

    So after hitting the airbrake key on the model, it finally worked!

    Beyond Plane Maker

    Something very important to remember about Plane Maker, is that objects are just images and hold no aerodynamic value. For example, in Plane Maker, if I go into "Expert"/"Invisible Parts" and choose "hide all objects", it leaves only the imported objects displayed, which in this case is two undercarriage doors, an airbrake and a bomb.

    Beyond Plane Maker

    Now, if I wave my magic wand and add another external object (in this case my Skyray), which is found in the objects folder for this download the following happens...

    Beyond Plane Maker

    Never one to shy away from challenges of the day, I thought I would take a flight over Dunsfold in my prop-driven Skyray! But first I went back into hidden objects and unticked prop-index 0 and 1 so the prop's re-displayed.

    Beyond Plane Maker

    All of the above can be quite overwhelming if you are a relative newcomer to Plane Maker, so if that is the case, don't lose heart, but instead, head on over to my Plane Maker series, where hopefully, it will guide you in the right place.

    All the best!

    Ray Hill
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    1. smithclarkson01's Avatar
      smithclarkson01 -
      I know nothing about python. I recently did an MTA in software development and had to learn some C# so weirdly I understood some of what was going on.

      I'm gonna have a stab at making a bot. That video is fantastic. Thank you.
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