• Historic Airline Group June Updates

    At the Historic Airline Group, we're not just about quantity, we also have a commitment to quality. We have recently updated many of our airline schedules to better reflect each airline's heritage. We just updated the Eastern Airline schedule for their piston engine flights. Using the 1950/1958 timetable as a guide, we not only cleared up existing issues, but also added over 700 new flights in the process. The schedules today better represent Eastern flight operations from that classic era for the DC3, DC4, DC6, DC7, L749, L1049G and M404.

    We have also recently updated schedules for Austrian Airlines, Finnar and Olympic, while updates for BOAC and others are in progress. At HAG, we don't believe in simple quantity. We want you to enjoy accurately represented flights for our classic airlines, with destinations equal to what any period timetable would show. If you don't have quality ingredients, you're just a Burger King with wings. If you like being micromanaged and jumping hurdles, we're probably not what you are looking for. But if you love classic airline flying, with the freedom to choose flights as you desire, then come visit us.


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