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    Today's short review is actually quite a long-awaited one for me as I've been dying to get my hands on this fantastic piece of scenery for quite some time.

    So as with any scenery review, the best place to start is with compatibility, and I'm happy to say this scenery works great in P3D V4.5. In the provided info it also mentions that it's compatible with FSX, and earlier versions of P3D as well, so you shouldn't have any issues there. Furthermore, Dynamic Lighting is supported, thanks to the latest update to the scenery which is currently, at the time of this review, version 1.04.

    Mega Airport Rome

    Users of the Mega Airport Rome scenery for FS2004 also have the possibility to upgrade to the latest version at a discounted price, so I'd definitely check that out if you have an earlier version of this scenery from Aerosoft.

    Despite the fact that the airport is actually not as complex as you'd think, there is a lot of detail in there which makes it a very enjoyable piece of scenery to use in the simulator.

    I recently took my first flight into this scenery and posted it on my YouTube channel. It was a full-flight video from Stockholm to Rome with Scandinavian Airlines flight 1841. The weather on that particular flight was a little cloudy, rainy and also foggy, however I did get to see my first glimpse of the scenery, and it impressed me quite a bit. You could still make out the airport once I got close enough, and the surrounding areas seemed to have quite a bit of detail in there too. There were even reflections from the runway which was a really nice touch, and the taxiway markings and signage seem to be really well designed as well.

    Mega Airport Rome     Mega Airport Rome

    I've taken the liberty of including a real-world image of the airport from Google Maps (above) for this review, and if I compare the sim version with that of its real life counterpart, you can see that it does actually bear a very close resemblance. From this alone, it's clear to see that Aerosoft have put a lot of work into fine tuning things to look as good and as realistic as they can.

    The textures themselves for both the airport grounds and some of the surrounding areas are of 2048x2048 resolution, which is nice, although some of the grassy areas around the grounds do appear to be a little blurry. However, this wasn't an issue for me and doesn't really affect anything in terms of visuals, unless of course you really care about these sorts of things.

    Speaking of surrounding areas, the scenery contains neighboring objects as well as those included with the airport proper. These help to make things look and feel a little more realistic, and I think Aerosoft have paid a lot of attention to detail here so as to try and make the scenery look as majestic as they can.

    Another great thing is that the scenery itself is fully compatible with all major traffic add-ons, which means that users of Pro ATC X and Ultimate Traffic Live (such as myself) will not encounter any issues at all, which is really nice!

    Now on to the night lighting, and I must say this really does look great. Aerosoft did actually mention on their web site that the night lighting for LIRF is based upon real-world pilot opinion and point-of-view, so you can bet your life that it looks pretty much authentic! Again, this kind of detail just helps to add that additional level of immersion to the whole experience - something I really like.

    Mega Airport Rome

    Now on to another area of the review which is highly important, that of frame rates.

    I'm happy to say that the performance of LIRF (on my review system), was between 55 and 60 FPS during the day, and dropping to between 45 and 60 FPS at night. Not that bad really when you factor in the detail included, and it's also much better than some other sceneries I have encountered.

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