• RDJ Simulations - Fly To The Moon II Space Force

    RDJ Simulations - Fly To The Moon II Space Force

    The space program has been needing a special boost so the Space Force Command was established with the intent to feel great about space again - especially now with the incredible 50 year July 2019 anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first men on the moon! (What an incredible time!). Now it is time to feel again what the great pioneers in the 1950's and 60's felt - to be the best they can. So the spirit of the can do generation is back with that same spirit of the old days.

    Space Force is a space command program for continuing the adventure and re-living the past all together in these exciting FSX missions that take you where no FSX man has gone before. These missions have all the original FSX fly to moon pioneer missions of the Apollo program massively updated - and the newly created Space Force program missions. All take you into space, to the moon and Mars and even to all the planets in the original Star Trek ship!. Take the ride, the adventure, explore. Simple missions and some on the edge, just know your basic FSX flight controls and all is good to go - Launch! Read the RDJ FSX Fly To Moon II with Space Force game play manual for detailed game play and settings.

    RDJ Simulations - Fly To The Moon II Space Force


    Take a simulation ride back to the true pioneer history of man with the Apollo moon program. Yes, most built in a secret place in the FSX world, this mission pack includes moon scenery and atmosphere. Feel a sense of what it was like for Buzz, Neil and the boys. A slight mistake can leave you stranded. Jammed with effects and audio ride the lunar module down to the surface of the moon using your boosters to nervously clear a crater and land in a good spot. Do some exploring in the famous moon buggy or do some moon doughnuts - watch the dust fly. Take a walk around and check out a massive moon crater. Also fly the command module. Feel the heat of a long re-entry to Earth. Ride down the parachutes to the Pacific, catch a carrier and come home a hero! Also includes a Mars rover operation while we were at it. Ride down to the Martian surface and get activated as a rover dodgeing dust devil storms. Discover a few secrets nobody will know but us. You can feel the history here and live it in flight simulator with FSX Fly To Moon II now massively updated with new textures and models and many missions.

    RDJ Simulations - Fly To The Moon II Space Force

    Space Force

    Included in the missions is the new giant leap - Space Force. NASA has joined with the newly formed Space Force command. The Space Shuttle program with NASA was decided as the best way to go, as it has a history of updating for safe and reliable operations. It is also the best way to get many Space Force members in space rapidly. So a massive fleet of shuttles and solid rocket boosters were built. A space station was next and was built the same as the ISS but for mass docking and fitting new boosters as the next trip is to the Space Force moonbase that has been basically built. You will pilot members to the moonbase. Other mission duties are to service satellites and to protect the Earth from asteroids. One mission takes the next leap - a first mission to Mars. Be the one that makes the next historic radio transmission back to Earth: "uhh - this is me! - hi ma - I'm on Mars". Anyway you can work on it and make it better than that once you get there! You will also make re-entry back to Earth with Shuttle re-entry. Climb in another mission Shuttle and blast off for another adventure! See you and may the "Space Force be with you".

    RDJ Simulations - Fly To The Moon II Space Force

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