• Microsoft Flight Simulator Returns - For Xbox And PC

    Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox

    It almost seems too good to be true, but Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox and PC (Windows 10) has been announced today at E3. A web site and official announcement trailer are now online.

    Coming 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most beloved simulation franchises. From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions.

    Web site:


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    1. byron1976's Avatar
      byron1976 -
      What about a PC version? MS must do an announcement about this ASAP...
    1. trainplane3's Avatar
      trainplane3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by byron1976 View Post
      What about a PC version? MS must do an announcement about this ASAP...
      It literally says Windows 10 at the bottom of the page:
      Xbox, Windows 10
    1. desertwinds's Avatar
      desertwinds -

      Subscription based service a la Flight, from the looks of it.

      Be prepared to pay forever...
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      This could revitalize the flightsim hobby...or kill it.

      I can't help remembering Microsoft's last attempt. Not the ever popular FSX that we still use and love, but the misguided Microsoft Flight. There's probably no one left at Microsoft who worked on that and corporate memory can be short...I wonder if anyone there remembers why it failed?

      Flight was not a horrible sim from a technical point of view, but the marketing plan was a disaster. Microsoft wanted to control the entire ecosystem...no more freeware or third party payware. Their intent also was not so much to provide existing flight enthusiasts a new version but to draw in completely new people. Well, as we know they rather quickly failed on all accounts.

      So, have they learned anything from that failure, or do they even remember it? Will this new sim be open like FSX and all preceding versions were or another attempt at a closed system? If open, this could be just what we've all be waiting for for all these years. If not, it could draw people and energy away from the open sims we do have and hurt the entire hobby.

      Looks like we're about to be living in interesting times...
    1. desertwinds's Avatar
      desertwinds -
      Nels, couldn't agree with you more on all accounts.

      We've had so many disappointments in "The Next Big Thing" department, that I've learned it best to temper my enthusiasm with a solid dose of cynicism...

    1. f18driver's Avatar
      f18driver -
      “The next big thing” will be the price for something you’ll never own and will have to pay for everytime you download and 3rdparty developers will have to surrender their hard work to.
    1. kalizzi's Avatar
      kalizzi -
      What's the catch? I've learned not expect anything good from Microsoft.

      We'll soon know. Bracing.

    1. f18driver's Avatar
      f18driver -
      “ Hexbox “ is for kids silly rabbit.....games, no simulation
    1. decker89's Avatar
      decker89 -
      Uhmm… this looks kind of AMAZING!! -- What we know from the announcement is it includes light aircraft and wide body, includes the entire planet, uses satellite imagery (Bing most likely) and Azure Ai. I mean it seems too good to be true so it probably is? Definitely looking forward to it and will sink some dollars bills into this!
    1. coronado990's Avatar
      coronado990 -
      If Microsoft pull this off, P3D will be relegated to second position. The graphics on the promo video are beyond amazing. But as we all say, ease off the enthusiasm and see what Gate's and Co really have in store for us.
    1. Foxtrot789's Avatar
      Foxtrot789 -
      An FSX-esque sim with those graphics is simply too good to be true; and do we really dare get our hopes up again for something from MS? I certainly won't.
    1. squiremel's Avatar
      squiremel -
      It looks incredible, it looks like a user would need a super computer to run it yet they say it will "run on X Box". I'm not anti- X Box, it's a good platforms for the games they have on offer but it could never do justice to a flight simulator. There simply aren't the controller options.
      I will wait for more news with anticipation.
    1. franzair's Avatar
      franzair -
      Hi Nels, I think you are spot on. One hopes that it is user friendly and not to restrictive. For us hard core pilots, we need add ons to bring up to scratch.
    1. mallcott's Avatar
      mallcott -
      Like Nels,

      Mixture of expectation and trepidation:
      Microsoft have no history producing decent flight sims with the current staff, don't know who's involved in the new project, and have serious reservations about the current MS business model being transposed into the simulation community... I am NOT renting a sim by the day, week or month.

      We'll see if it's any good, but not until next year - and who knows where X-Plane and P3D will be by then?

      MS can't lose product momentum without being several steps behind and making something that is X-Box compatible suggests simple systems but great visuals. And I agree with franzair, it's got to be Open Access if it's to have a life beyond the first twenty minutes.

      And finally. MS have got very good at making videos which bear little relation to the released product...
    1. tiger1962's Avatar
      tiger1962 -
      squiremel - XBox is an online gaming site like Steam and FSXB will run on a Windows 10 PC.
    1. tja's Avatar
      tja -
      I'm with Nels on this one; I'm not going to hold my breath.

      Video editing can make anything look really good. No mention of dev team members, etc, and *if* that is the sim vanilla in the videos, it looks to be at a very late stage - why wait so long to announce it? I've already been through the pains of a number of attempted FSX rebuilds - no thank you, I will pass on doing that one again. I've also been a BETA tester on a number of payware products for FSX. And when a single .dll can cause your entire sim to crash, I don't want a repeat of that thanks.

      With FSX I spent more time outside of it, tweaking it, than actually flying it. It's the complete opposite with X-Plane 11, the sim just works, and I can get in some actual flying time. Plus, being a bit cynical here, the developers of Flight were just like the 'X-Box generation' - nobody of this generation has the patience to learn key commands etc; they all want instant gratification.

      *If* there is a new team on this, with views to making a reasonably good sim, then they can impress the hell out of me by starting to let the cat out of the bag now. Post some details; the names of the design team, and give us a demo on an average model computer. If this team can do those little things, they might convince me to buy. And in regards to 'Flight' the entire dev team should have been fired at initial concept. What a waste of time.
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      I remember MS Flight well, I was part of the closed beta, and loved the underlying architecture. The graphics and the the flight engine, along with runways that followed the curvature of the earth and terrain really excited me. It was going to be on XBox 360 as well but we all know how that turned out. What I don't get is everyone saying, "If it's for Xbox it's going to be crap", without even looking to see that it coming out for PC as well. I play Farming Simulator on both XBox One and PC and I can tell you there is a night and day difference between the two, and I suspect that the same will be true here as well. As for the open architecture only time will tell. Dovetail tried the same thing with FSWorld and seemed to learn nothing from the MS Flight debacle. I have always found it odd that the reason that FSX/FS9 are still on everyone's lips, is because of the open architecture and support from 3rd party creators of both freeware and payware, yet both MS and DT keep trying to cut that out, and keep failing. Lets hope that Microsoft has in fact learned something from it.
    1. tgon's Avatar
      tgon -
      With a successor to the Xbox One coming out late next year it will be an interesting 2020 to see how/if these platforms economise on code as Xbox is normally closed. If it’s a port over to PC then, I truly hope that all the 3rd party add-on developers are a part of the strategy and not ignored like the other short-lived FS marketing failures. Their input to this community is essential to FS success, as proven time and time again.
    1. agusbilba's Avatar
      agusbilba -
      My guess is... they are probably not going to commit the same mistakes than they did with MS Flight (although Xbox platform does not suggest much 3d-party compatibility). But what i am sure is they are definitely going to use Flight graphics engine, since they sold the FSX/ESP one to Lockheed. But i am seriously hoping they support freeware/payware 3d party addons this time.
    1. degiorgio's Avatar
      degiorgio -
      As a veteran simmer going back to 1982, I think I can safely say that other than time spent tweaking and installing airports and aircraft, 95% of my time has been spent in the cockpit rather than gawking at the scenery.

      The trailer does look impressive but then so did the one for Flight and look what happened to that effort.

      Graphics and storage technologies have come a long way but processing scenery that covers the whole world with the quality shown in the trailer would seem to require huge computing power and super fast internet connections.

      Maybe I'm missing something here.
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