• Review: Sky Simulations - McDonnell Douglas MD-11

    On approach though is where things got very interesting. Keeping in mind the speed requirements of the MD-11 on landing, things happen very quickly when manually landing the MD-11, forcing you to plan ahead in order to stay one step in-front of the plane. Don't forget to give the aircraft plenty of power on approach or you will very quickly fall below the glideslope.

    Sky Simulations MD-11

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    I found that the best way to land this aircraft is to not cut power completely when flaring as the aircraft will bleed off speed very quickly and drop like a rock, resulting in a very hard impact with the runway, usually bouncing the aircraft into the air. Instead, keep a little bit of power on the engines and fly the aircraft into the runway for a smoother touchdown. Well, in my experience anyway.

    After a quick and uneventful taxi, I found myself a stand to park at and shut the MD-11 down. Overall, a nice aircraft to fly, but there really isn't much to do once the autopilot takes over as there aren't a lot of systems modelled.

    In Closing

    Whilst the visuals certainly made a great first impression of this add-on, that impression didn't last once I started looking at the systems of the aircraft. System depth aside, this add-on lacks tools such as a panel state configurator, loader or livery manager, things that do take away from the experience when flying this aircraft.

    If you're huge MD-11 fan, this add-on might be worthwhile just for the beautifully created model, and the flight dynamics, which I would say are believable, though MD-11 pilots may prove me wrong here.

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Truth be told, for the price of this add-on, I really expected more from Sky Simulations in terms of system depth and at the very least in the way of convenience in loading the aircraft in a Cold and Dark state. The ground services and cockpit animations were certainly entertaining tidbits but those can't smooth over the fact that there just isn't very much to fly with this aircraft.

    Sky Simulations MD-11

    Meng Yu

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    1. sharpie69's Avatar
      sharpie69 -
      I have this Md11 and love it. Beautifully modelled inside and out. A lack of systems does not bother me as that is what I want. I'm not a real world pilot and I don't pretend to be one and I don't have time to spend hours reading manuals so for me this MD11 is perfect. I hope a lack of systems does not kill sales of this MD11 because I want developers like Sky Simulations to stay in our hobby and keep developing mid level aircraft like this.
      In my sim world the mighty MD11 will fly forever!
    1. idix's Avatar
      idix -
      A complete waste of $50 US. This is a Just Flight quality simulator at PMDG prices. And, it does not operate correctly. Having dozens of hours in another MD-11, now dozens in the systems-similar B717 / MD-95 from TFDI (what a great plane), I should have been able to fly this plane without any reading. Instead, I got a plane that engages the autothrottle when you engage the Auto Flight (incorrect, you set the Auto Flight and it's in standby until the throttle engages), and it does not follow any profile. It's just a VS and airspeed basic flight simulator. SO disappointed.
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