• Review: Sky Simulations - McDonnell Douglas MD-11

    Interior Appearance

    Moving into the aircraft, the virtual cockpit is also very well built, being easy on the frames yet delivering a very high-quality experience.

    The virtual cockpit is fully modelled in 3D, every switch, knob and even screw has been modelled to create a highly immersive experience. This is a huge step up over freeware aircraft which may simply feature click-spots for 2D textures in places of 3D switches. Coupled with the photoreal HD textures, the difference will be night and day.

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Besides the stunning visuals, the cockpit animations really breath life into the aircraft. There are plenty of animations, from doors to windows, armrests to headrests and even smaller parts. In Sky Simulations' own words, "almost every part of the VC that could move, will do!" This creates a very enjoyable experience flying this aircraft as it affords so much more choice to the pilot.

    Finally, the night environment of the cockpit of this aircraft is simply stunning. As with most add-ons, flood lights are modelled to instantly light up the cockpit. However, whilst flying, the same flood lights that illuminate everything in the cockpit inhibits your view outside the aircraft both by causing reflections in the windows and by forcing your pupils to close, reducing your night vision capabilities. Hence, this is where the "integrated lights" come into play. With these lights on, key labels for the switches are illuminated in a way such that the cockpit remains dark, allowing you to operate the aircraft whilst maintaining outside visibility. This is all simulated in this add-on, with separately controllable flood lights for both the autopilot and instrument panel, once again giving you the choice as the pilot to choose how your cockpit is illuminated.

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Sky Simulations MD-11

    One complaint though is the low quality buttons in the cockpit. Whilst the cockpit textures leave me no critique, the graphics on the buttons leave much to be desired and differ significantly in quality from the textures.

    Sky Simulations MD-11     Sky Simulations MD-11

    Sky Simulations MD-11

    Overall, I feel that the cockpit looks amazing and certainly gives a good first impression to buyers of the aircraft.

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    1. sharpie69's Avatar
      sharpie69 -
      I have this Md11 and love it. Beautifully modelled inside and out. A lack of systems does not bother me as that is what I want. I'm not a real world pilot and I don't pretend to be one and I don't have time to spend hours reading manuals so for me this MD11 is perfect. I hope a lack of systems does not kill sales of this MD11 because I want developers like Sky Simulations to stay in our hobby and keep developing mid level aircraft like this.
      In my sim world the mighty MD11 will fly forever!
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