• Tutorial: Beyond Plane Maker

    Now we need to add the object. Go into Plane Maker, choose Miscellaneous Objects and do the following: click the bottom left add button and enter your coordinate data similar to the second line below (for mainwheeldoorP.obj):

    Beyond Plane Maker

    MainwheeldoorS required different settings as it was sourced differently using different axes starting points and an incomplete texture.

    Note the offset roll angle which was chosen so as to make it a bit more realistic. A little tip here is to check your model in the animated view and make sure everything closes inside the wing on both surfaces.

    Below is the finished article...

    Beyond Plane Maker

    Now add an object for the starboard equivalent, then go and create a nosewheel door using the same methods from above.

    In my experience, I have found that SketchUp initially needs a fair bit of patience to get to grips with, but once mastered it can be used to create many amazing things, often in minutes!

    Below is a YouTube video by niltondc which shows the creation of a Britannia airliner from 'lofted drawings':

    Similar tutorial videos may be found for most 3D CAD packages.

    Beyond Plane Maker

    I hope, at the very least, this little tutorial helps you towards getting a foot through the door into a higher level experience. This will be followed up shortly with a very brief overview of animation.

    If you wish to know more about aviation science, here is a worthwhile introduction:

    Basic Theories of Aeronautics: An introduction to using Simple Mathematics and Physics to design aeroplanes

    And if spaceflight is also your thing:

    Spaceflight Theories: A beginners guide to rocket and space sciences

    "Off we go into the wild blue yonder".

    Ray Hill

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