• FlightSim.Com File Library Surpasses 200,000 Files

    200,000 Files

    One of the main things that makes flight simulation so enjoyable is that it's open ended. You can always add a new plane, or new scenery, or an adventure or utility to make your simulator better than it was.

    Over the years freeware authors have worked hard to create great things for the flight simulator community to use. Thousands of talented people have shared their time and skill to make our hobby better for everyone. At FlightSim.Com we've helped this process by providing a well organized and easily searchable library where these files can be shared.

    Today that library has reached a major milestone as we add the 200,000th file. This represents years of work by thousands of contributors showing tremendous enthusiasm.

    In recent years, creating freeware has become harder as simulators become more capable and expectations higher. Freeware authors frequently work with little thanks or positive feedback. I'd like to suggest to everyone reading this today pick one or two of your favorite freeware add-ons and send an email to the author thanking him for his work. It will only take you a minute but will offer more encouragement than you might imagine.

    From FlightSim.Com, thank you to all those authors who have made this possible. We're honored that you trust us to share your work with the world and will do our best to continue offering the best library possible.

    Just as a coincidence, this happens on the eve of our 23rd anniversary. On May 31, 1996 FlightSim.Com first went online with a library of 2500 files - the largest available anywhere at that time. My how we have grown over the years!

    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Wow! And I downloaded almost all of them...just kidding.

      Thanks for the service.
    1. squiremel's Avatar
      squiremel -
      Thank you to all of the authors and to Flightsim.com for hosting such a magnificent service.
    1. ivanivanov's Avatar
      ivanivanov -
      Big thank you to all the authors. Great service Flightsim.com, may you last for ever.
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      A huge thanks of appreciation to the Flightsim team, that have made the site so awesome, & a special thanks to the freeware developers, ESPECIALLY the FS2004 dev's that have made the site such a success.

      Thanks, also, to the members that read & post to the forums, and answer our questions, no matter how silly they might seem.
    1. Clutch Cargo's Avatar
      Clutch Cargo -
      Boy, lot's of congratulations to go around... for the library milestone and for your anniversary. Thanks to FlightSim for the many years of supporting this great hobby. We'll check back in another 23 years!
    1. flightsimg's Avatar
      flightsimg -
      Like a --modest -- freeware creator, also thanks to you Flightsim.Com, and a happy anniversary because you have always served well the simmers community!
    1. accmiranda's Avatar
      accmiranda -
      First of all, congratulations on your birthday. Thank you very much for your work and support over these 23 years. Without your presence and the presence of the creators of Addons the aerial simulation would not be the same. Thank you so much for what you've done.
    1. alanmerry's Avatar
      alanmerry -
      Thanks (again) to all of those who have Flight Simulator so much more than Microsoft ever envisaged and thanks to flightsim.com for making it all so easily available. Also thanks to those developers who don't put their contact details on their uploads, so I haven't been able to thank them personally. Keep up the good work flightsim, and I'll continue to pay my, excellent value, subscription.
    1. pilotposer's Avatar
      pilotposer -
      Thank you Flightsim team for all you do for us.
      One of the best things about all those files is searching through them and finding those hidden gems.
    1. UPHILL3's Avatar
      UPHILL3 -
      Congratulations are in order!

      I downloaded my first aircraft from FlightSim in 1998 when I signed-up with AOL to join the WWW Army. What a joy it was to fly something other than MSFS default planes.

      (I'm still with AOL to this day - they need me to turn out the lights someday
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