• Review: Carenado - A42-500

    Flipping the power management speed to climb, the aircraft quickly reached cruising altitude, FL280 for today. As the ATR-42 has no auto-throttle system, you have to control the throttles yourself, making the aircraft more involved than other airliners. Nonetheless, the aircraft is stable enough for you to leave the cockpit momentarily to handle personal matters when cruising.

    Soon enough though, it was time to start my descent into Dusseldorf. As mentioned before, the FMC does not calculate the TOD point, so you'll have to do some mental arithmetic or use a utility such as Simbrief or a paid add-on to know when to start your descent. During the descent, I opted to use VS mode, which allows you to select a vertical speed which the autopilot will then try to keep. For what it's worth, the Carenado autopilot actually does keep the aircraft flying how you want it to pretty well.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    On approach, the aircraft is very easy to fly. Unlike other small airliners, the ATR-42 keeps the glideslope very happily with minimal input. With careful throttle and altitude management, I was able to make a smooth touchdown.

    That concludes our test flight of the Carenado ATR-42!

    Final Thoughts

    From my experiences with this aircraft, I feel that the Carenado A42-500 is a very capable product. I especially liked that Carenado took the time to model additional systems, especially hotel mode, which many airlines use on the ATR-42.

    Although some flight simmers may criticize the ATR-42 for lacking in systems depth, I personally feel that Carenado has achieved a rather good balance between quality and difficulty, allowing less serious simmers to have a very beautiful aircraft to enjoy. Personally, I like having an aircraft which I can fly without having to go through several manuals first.

    Whilst I had hoped for a more capable FMC that's tailored to the ATR-42, the universal FMC does get the job done in the end, and the support for third party navigation systems such as Flight1's GTN750 largely alleviate the gripes one may have with a generic FMC.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Overall, I'd say that the ATR-42 is a great sign that Carenado is taking more time to include systems unique to each aircraft and stepping away from simply providing eye-candy to flight simmers. While not without bugs, if you're a fan of turboprop aircraft or looking for a simple airliner that provides more realism over default or freeware aircraft, I'd say that you can't go wrong taking a look at Carenado's A42-500.

    Carenado - A42-500

    Meng Yu

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    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      There’s no mention of night lighting in the review. Carenado made an awful mess of this in their Fokker 50, which they still haven’t fixed, so I wondered how well it works in the ATR42.

      I’m happy to accept the simplified system modelling if everything they do simulate works properly. Not fixing bugs is what puts me off buying another Carenado sim.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      The overpricing is what "puts me off from buying another Carenado sim." Not worth 45 buck.
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