• Review: Carenado - A42-500

    Another huge positive for this aircraft is that, unlike previous models, it is not divided into "full" and "lite" versions. Instead, it only has one single version that provides frame rates similar to the "lite" version whilst retaining the virtual cabin, a feature of the "full" version. It seems that Carenado has put some serious optimization work into this product to achieve the best of both versions here.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Interior Appearance

    Moving onto the inside of the aircraft, we are once again greeted by a very good looking interior. Carenado has kept up their stellar track record of producing beautiful aircraft and this ATR-42 is no exception.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Besides the high-quality textures, there are a variety of additional tidbits, including sun visors, armrests and cockpit doors. These breath life into the cockpit, as you can configure your cockpit to your exact liking.

    Additionally, moving behind the cockpit, an entire virtual cabin is also modelled. While there isn't too much to do back here in the cabin, it is worth noting that the cabin animations are synced with the exterior model. For example, looking at the pictures below, if the first and third windows are closed from the interior, the same will be reflected on the exterior model. I find details like these highly interesting as they show that the developers are interested in creating a quality product, especially since they could have eliminated the small details without anyone noticing too much but chose to include them nonetheless.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Overall, I feel that the virtual cockpit is extremely well-modelled and textured, with small details liberally sprinkled in to breath life into the interior of this add-on.

    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      There’s no mention of night lighting in the review. Carenado made an awful mess of this in their Fokker 50, which they still haven’t fixed, so I wondered how well it works in the ATR42.

      I’m happy to accept the simplified system modelling if everything they do simulate works properly. Not fixing bugs is what puts me off buying another Carenado sim.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      The overpricing is what "puts me off from buying another Carenado sim." Not worth 45 buck.
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