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    A collaboration between French company Aerospatiale (famous for the Concorde and later merged into Airbus) and Italian company Aeritalia (now Leonardo S.p.A.), the ATR-42 was a regional turboprop designed to sit 42 passengers in its standard configuration, hence the number "42". Since its inception, several variants have been introduced, adding improvements such as upgrading the 4-bladed propeller into a 6-bladed one for improved efficiency and replacing the outdated avionics with a newer glass cockpit setup.

    Carenado - A42-500

    Though it was originally designed as a commuter turboprop, the aircraft has also demonstrated its versatility by serving FedEx as a freighter and with the military as a maritime patrol aircraft. Currently, ATR is seeking to develop an STOL variant of the ATR-42 which would only require 800 meters of runway for take-off compared to 1100 meters it normally requires. For comparison, even a Beechcraft King Air 350 requires about 1000 meters for takeoff.

    Despite its popularity with airlines however, the ATR series of aircraft has suffered several issues in its career. The most noteworthy of these defects is the issue of turbulent airflows that form in a such a way as to lift the ailerons on the aircraft, causing the flight crew to lose control of the aircraft, unfortunately exemplified in the incident of American Eagle flight 4184. As a result, ATR-42s and 72s now mostly serve southern routes where icing conditions are rarer.

    First Impressions

    Upon firing up your simulator, eight HD liveries are present to greet you, including a blank livery for your creativity. Disappointingly though, the Carenado House livery appears to merely be a white livery despite the thumbnail suggesting otherwise.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado has elected to model the -500 series ATR-42, meaning that whilst the aircraft will utilize the new 6-bladed propeller, there will be no glass cockpit. Additionally, only the passenger variant of the aircraft is modelled, though this is understandable as majority of ATR-42s still carry passengers.

    Exterior Appearance

    Keeping in line with their previous products, Carenado's visuals on this aircraft are simply stunning. 4096x4096 HD textures, fully animated doors and the inclusion of various static elements such as wheel chocks and the GPU are all but standard on this aircraft, leaving little room for complaints.

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    Carenado - A42-500     Carenado - A42-500

    As previously mentioned, the eight liveries include that of Carenado, Lufthansa Regional, Bahamasair, Air France HOP!, Blue Islands Airways, Air Dolomiti, Hawaiian and Czech Airlines, in that order. For some reason, Carenado has decided to label these aircraft by their registration instead of airline name, leading to a somewhat confusing experience picking out the livery you wish to use. Nonetheless, frequent users of this aircraft will very quickly become familiar with the registration of each livery. Moreover, should you wish to have more liveries for this aircraft, there are a significant number of freeware liveries out there. In fact, Inibuilds have made several liveries for the Carenado ATR-42 available for free and having tried a few of them, I can attest to the fact that they are very high quality indeed.

    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      There’s no mention of night lighting in the review. Carenado made an awful mess of this in their Fokker 50, which they still haven’t fixed, so I wondered how well it works in the ATR42.

      I’m happy to accept the simplified system modelling if everything they do simulate works properly. Not fixing bugs is what puts me off buying another Carenado sim.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      The overpricing is what "puts me off from buying another Carenado sim." Not worth 45 buck.
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