• Introducing FlyJSim Shared Flight

    FlyJSim Shared Flight

    FlyJSim is proud to announce our next product that brings multi-crew pilot operations to flight-simulation as seamlessly as possible and aiming to support all popular and quality aircraft in X-Plane.

    Flight simulation has seen amazing improvements in the past 25+ years with improved scenery, flight dynamics, and aircraft complexity and simulation depth. But even as the aircraft have gotten more complex and more accurate, flying them has been largely an isolated experience. Not only is it unrealistic to fly a complex aircraft by yourself, it is far more fun to share in the experience. A crew can take on greater challenges, have better results, and far more fun while doing it! Sitting in the cockpit of the FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3 and looking around, its daunting to handle piloting, navigation, communication, and monitor engineering station systems. Especially while flying complex procedures or handling irregular operations! We feel this is not a realistic experience, and worse, it is just way less fun than flying the plane with your buddies. Real world pilots spend a long time getting to know their planes, but one of the joys of flight simulation is learning new aircraft. Flying a new aircraft with a friend, or learning from someone with a few logged hours in the plane, is a really great way to learn and experience new planes.

    Shared Flight aims to enable multi-person crews and flights in a seamless shared cockpit experience. It seeks to eliminate massive pain points with existing solutions that have so far discouraged people from enjoying a shared cockpit experience. A client-server model eliminates firewall and P2P networking issues. Terrain mesh and scenery differences are smoothly accommodated. And aircraft will be actively supported by the Shared Flight team so that users will never have to manage, make, or distribute their own "config" files, nor wonder why things just don't work. Throttle and controls can be handed off between pilots effortlessly, so that one person can fly the departure and another the arrival, or different legs of a long haul.


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