• Aerosoft - Antonov An-2 Updated For P3D v4

    Aerosoft - Antonov An-2 for P3D v4.1

    Changelog v1.1.0.0 For Prepar3D V4 version only

    • Implemented aircraft global condition; each airplane with unique board number will have own persistent condition of its engine, fuel system, electric system, lighting system, gauges, switches, etc.
    • Improved engine simulation: a water in a fuel and a metal chip in the oil will affect the engine's work
    • Cold start will cause engine power loss
    • Fixed engine startup if the magnetos has been switched off
    • Fixed assertion in the fuel tank selector
    • Fixed crash after several flight restarts
    • Fixed the sound of the starter when the battery became discharged during spinning of the flywheel
    • Improved radio logic - increased stability
    • Starter switch will stick to "clutch" position to help a pilot to engage magnetos by mouse to start engine more authentically
    • Added lamp that signalize when the passenger door is opened
    • Tuned engine startup probability in cold weather conditions
    • Added sound for oil cowl
    • Added cargo door logic
    • Added maintenance panel (shift-2) to maintain engine/fuel/electric/lighting systems
    • Improved support of LINDA
    • Implemented simulation of CHT
    • Implemented heater to start engine in cold conditions
    • Reduced lag of the manifold pressure reading
    • Improved slats behavior
    • Added a flying pet to the cockpit
    • Added military version of An-2 and VKS livery
    • New Aeroflot livery USSR-92962
    • Modelled passenger cabin
    • Modelled cargo cabin
    • More authentic cockpit of SP-ASR
    • Partially implemented ICOM IC-A210 for SP-ASR cockpit

    Antonov AN-2

    The Antonov An-2 (also known as Anushka or Colt) is a very strange aircraft. Designed as an agricultural and utility aircraft, it ended up doing almost anything an aircraft could do, from crop dusting, to parachute dropping. It can land on short, unpaved runways, will survive the harshest winter and the most gruelling summer and endure the heaviest abuse. No wonder that it was build up to 2001 even though it looks very much like the 1950s aircraft it is.

    And those looks are spectacular. It's a massive, single engine bi-plane. As you walk closer it seems to get bigger and bigger until you are under the cockpit and look up to the massive radial engine. Take care here, oils leaking out is standard.

    To make it work off-airport the An-2 needs to be simple and easy to maintain. So, there are no complex system - but there are a lot of simple systems. The cockpit is a sea of switches making learning to fly an An-2 not an easy task.

    This version for P3D depicts that complexity in great detail. You will have to click a lot of switches and wiggle a lot of controls to get the engine to run smoothly. With an impeccable flight model you will be soon cruising the skies at a leisurely pace while dropping oil and making an incredible racket. It is a lovely aircraft!

    Aerosoft - Antonov An-2 for P3D v4.1


    • Complex modelling with many animations with up-to-date standards
    • FPS friendly
    • Service window with special tools to manage ground operations
    • Fully functional systems, like inertia starter, electrical circuits for flaps, trims and cowl flaps with special modules to avoid P3D limitations
    • Axis and key modes to manage specific air powered breaking system of An-2
    • High definition virtual cockpit with Cyrillic and international labels
    • Highly realistic flight model, based on information from and tested by actual An-2 pilots
    • Physically correct tail wheel


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