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    Hi, I'm MrYorkiesWorld, AKA Jay.

    I love creating flightsim content with a range of different aircraft, scenery and add-ons. The channel mainly features full-flight videos, however I do occasionally do reviews, tutorials and other general flightsim related content.

    By no means am I a professional pilot - nor do I intend to follow every single rule throughout. I do this as a hobby and to have fun, and to show you some amazing content.

    When it comes to flight simulation, there are a lot of different aspects that make it what it ultimately is, and it doesn't matter whether you're using X-Plane, P3D, FSX or any other platform to carry out your hobby - Time is one of the major limitations that you can expect to run into.

    The amount of time needed for some flights in a simulator can run into double figures. After all - you're simulating an event with real time duration with a very accurate and realistic platform that simulates precisely how much fuel and time you'd need to complete a flight from A to B if you were in the real world with the chosen aircraft. If you then take into account the procedures such as checklists, and factors such as real-world weather and traffic - you start to appreciate that flight simulation can be very time consuming.

    My Own Simulation and Aviation History


    For me, aviation has always been a huge part of my life. I live very close to Doncaster Sheffield Airport in the UK, which carries ICAO code EGCN. Every single day I see or hear aircraft of all types departing and arriving right over the roof of my house, and every now and then you get to see a spectacle such as the Boeing 747 or maybe even an Antonov. It truly is remarkable.

    As well as aviation, I have always had a soft spot for simulation for as long as I can remember. The very first flight simulator that I used was all the way back when 3D wasn't really a thing - good old Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0. It was a lot different to what we have today, and most of my time was spent trying to find the runway, but my love for simulation and my love for aviation slowly started to grow from there.

    I then moved onto Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight. This was probably when my passion for simulation and aviation began to grow at a faster pace. I found myself better able to fly simple aircraft, especially with the help of the tutorial flights offered by FS2004. At one point I remember wanting to be a pilot, although I was a kid with a very wild imagination and sometimes unrealistic aspirations! I loved the idea of flying high up in the skies with my own private jet, with not a care in the world. Obviously, that dream never became a reality (not yet, anyway) but you get my point.

    As I got older I got my hands on Flight Simulator X. This was probably the turning point in my life as a simulation enthusiast. It would be the starting point of my YouTube career in flight simulation later on in 2014, and the MrYorkiesWorld YouTube Channel would then be born.

    I started off on YouTube a little earlier than 2014 to be perfectly honest. I actually first started creating content in January 2010 where I was obsessed with yet another unrealistically high aspiration of becoming an actor. I'd watched a few videos from a variety of comedy YouTubers, and decided to give it a go myself, so you could say I've been creating content for around 9 years at the time of writing this, and a LOT has changed in that short amount of time. Not only has flightsim been a part of that time period, but comedy skits, gaming videos and reviews have all show their face on my various YouTube channels over the years before I finally settled with what I'm doing now.

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      Great article Jay, really enjoyed reading through it :-)

      Many thanks for sharing with the community!

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      cool article
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